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PSN JSON Parser for PC

This simple script,, parse the online store json to an readable text. The json is here: (you need to connect to, to see the data),drm_def,drm_def.content_type

This can be useful to grab the free pkg to use with the ★Package Installer (NPXS10031).

You can give execute permission to it:

chmod +x

Usage: ./ <internal_entitlements.json>
       Login into ''
       Save the page ',drm_def,drm_def.content_type'
       Give the page to this script './ internal_entitlements.json
       it will return something like:

       ContentID:        UP0001-000000000_00-0000000000000000
       Content Name:     Game Name
       Content Size:     XXX Mb 
       Content URL:
       drmContentType:   n
       drmType:          m
       Publisher Name:   Game Publisher
       Title Name:       Game Name Demo
       Img URL: