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Overview[edit | edit source]

SPEED provides various interfaces to the PS2, including Ethernet, where it functions as a MAC (using an external Ethernet transceiver/PHY), IDE/ATA and an UART (to which the modem connects in case of the north-american-only SCPH-10281 Network Adaptor and some north-american SCPH-700XX PS2 slim variants). It's connected to the PS2-side via SSBUS (PCMCIA in SCPH-1X000 consoles). For fat models, it comes inside the network adaptor. For slim models, it comes on the motherboard for SCPH-700XX consoles, with the IDE pins still exposed on the PCB, making it possible to connect a hard drive (which is, however, not practical in most cases, as it requires a lot of wires and soldering). Starting with SCPH-750XX consoles, SPEED was not used anymore, as its functions of an network controller were integrated into the newly developed PPC405-based IOP/Deckard, with the IDE interface being removed entirely.

PSX has two SPEED-ICs, with one of them being a CXD9731GP (see list below) and the other one being a (physically larger) CXD9764GP.

Additionaly, it is connected to an external 1k Bit / 128 Bytes EEPROM in both, the Network Adaptor and in SCPH-700XX consoles. In the PSX, the EEPROM is connected to the larger CXD9764GP.

The die of SPEED has some IBM-markings, which suggest it's been manufactured and potentially developed by IBM.

It is packaged in a 196 (14x14) pin BGA case.

Revisions[edit | edit source]

  • 1.1: CXD9624GG (used in some earlier Network Adaptor revisions, including the SCPH-10190 PCMCIA Network Adaptor)
    • IBM (?) part number: 1B20A009BC
  • 1.2: CXD9624AGG (used in some earlier Network Adaptor revisions, including the SCPH-10190 PCMCIA Network Adaptor)
    • Adds UART interface for modem (also available in all later revisions)
    • IBM (?) part number(s): 1B20A030BC, 1C41D004BC
  • 1.3: CXD9731GP (used in later Network Adaptor revisions)
    • IBM (?) part number: 6TM0XBG0001
  • 1.4: CXD9731GP (same chip identifier and part number as 1.3, used in all PSX revisions, likely actually a 1.3, while 1.4 refers to the CXD9764GP)
    • IBM (?) part number: 6TM0XBG0001
  • 1.3: CXD9731AGP (same version reported as the non-PSX CXD9731GP, used in all K-chassis/SCPH-700XX slim consoles)
    • IBM (?) part number: 6TM0XBG0003

Later slim consoles don't have a dedicated SPEED chip anymore, as the functionality has been integrated into IOP. These consoles report SPEED version 1.3.