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International Federation of the Phonographic Industry

synonym: SID-Code (Source IDentification Code)

Used for marketing strategy, quality control and Anti-Piracy Compliance Program.

Mould SID Code will consist of the letters “IFPI” followed by a four or five digit code.

The first two digits (in the case of a four digit SID Code) or the first three digits (in the case of a five digit SID Code) are assigned to the operator of the manufacturing or mastering plant. The last two digits of this code are allocated to give each mould on the site.

Using alphanumeric digits consisting of the numbers 0 through 9 and the letters of the Western alphabet A through Z,excluding “I”, “O”, “S” and “Q”, the plant has the ability to assign unique codes to 1,024 different mould code.
Each Mastering SID Code that is assigned will consist of the digits “IFPI” followed by a four or five digit code commencing with the letter “L”.
  • location: innerring outside datasection
  • length:
  • sample:

Sony DACD prefixes

  • DVSS - Single-layer DVDs
  • DVDL - Dual-layer DVDs
  • BVSS - Single-layer Blu-ray Discs
  • BVDL - Dual-layer Blu-ray Discs
  • DRSS - DVD-ROM software titles
  • PSRM - PlayStation titles
  • PTRM - PlayStation 2 CD-ROM titles
  • PDSS - PlayStation 2 DVD-ROM titles
  • PDDL - PlayStation 2 DVD-ROM Dual-layer titles
  • UPSS - PlayStation Portable UMD Single-layer titles
  • UPDL - PlayStation Portable UMD Dual-layer titles
  • BPSS - PlayStation 3 Blu-ray Disc Single-layer titles
  • BPDL - PlayStation 3 Blu-ray Disc Dual-layer titles

PS4 ?

Patents and references

Cutting Burst Area (CBA)

synonym: Burst Cutting Area (BCA)

  • location: innerring inside datasection
  • radius: 22.3 to 23.5mm
  • datasize: 12 bytes to 188 bytes in steps of 16 bytes
  • sample:

Patents and references

PIC Zone

  • location: within the Cutting Burst Area (CBA)
  • datasize: 0x73 bytes
  • sample:

Patents and references

Angular Marks

  • location: in the data area, outside the Cutting Burst Area (CBA)
  • sample:

Patents and references

ROM Mark

  • location:
  • length:
  • sample:

Patents and references

Generic References