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BD Emulator usage in arcade (speculation, discussion, notes)

There are several details that points to BD emulator functions in arcade machines:

  • Arcades doesnt have a BD drive, but the game column in XMB in arcades has an "item" to mount discs, this is not a mistake and they did not foget to remove it, is there on purpose
    • The .xml XMB configuration file for game column used by arcades is category_game_tool2.xml and the items displayed are under the tag View id="root_arcade" the item that mounts the disc is key="seg_device" by using CB_MEDIA_FORMAT_PS3GAME_BD
  • The path used by firmware updates, the path used by game updates, and the subfolder names used by them matches with a disc structure... but this "disc image" is stored in HDD
    • Firmware updates in /dev_hdd0/game/SCEEXE000/ARCDIR/PS3UPDAT.PUP and game updates in /dev_hdd0/game/SCEEXE000/ARCDIR/INSDIR/DATA000.PKG, the root of the disc is the folder SCEEXE000 (possibly containing a PS3_DISC.SFB, the folder ARCDIR is "replacing" the standard folder name "PS3_GAME" used in discs. ARCDIR can contain the main PARAM.SFO and several subfolders with more PARAM.SFO's (LICDIR, USRDIR, INSDIR etc...). All this keeps the standards of documented disc structures, but there can be some parameters inside the .SFB or any of the .SFO's specific for "arcade game disc images"
    • In difference with disc structures... the PS3UPDAT.PUP file is not inside a PS3_UPDATE folder, this "breaks" the standards for discs
  • Autoboot of games (when PS3 is turned on) in arcade is simply the same XMB setting in retail ps3's used for "disc autoboot"
    • In XRegistry.sys the entry: /setting/system/powerOnDiscBoot, the only difference is in arcade the disc is an image mounted automatically by BD emulator

Boot DECR-1000 in Arcade Mode

To boot the DECR-1000 in 'Arcade Mode' set the System parameter to 0x0003000000000000. (0x0001000000000000 is PS3 60GB HDD, 0x0002000000000000 is PS3 20GB HDD)
On startup the console will check for a USB drive.

Possible eid0 Check in Arcade Firmwares??

A friend of mine converted his CECHL00 (VER-001) to arcade and installed 4.40 GEX OFW after converting, his system fully bricked but he was able to fix it by reflashing, the system does not brick if he installs 2.51 or 3.10

- HalfMileRide

This occurs because since firmware 4.30 an eid0 signature check was added in lv1ldr, lv1ldr would have to be patched in order for the firmware to run if you manually converted the unit and did not use a donor eid0 (from a real GEX dump for instance).

- Mathieulh

Same as for Cex2Dex, see also X-I-5-Passphrase.

- Roxanne

Is this eid0 check in lv1ldr present on all firmware types? For example if I converted a genuine DEX to CEX would it brick if I install 4.30+ CEX OFW?

- HalfMileRide

Indeed it is, you can either use an untouched decrypted eid0 from a donor console or patch lv1ldr (this is actually done on some cfw such as Rebug) to circumvent this protection

- Mathieulh