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  1. Patch as normal downgrader (ROS 0/1 + RVK prg/pkg)
  2. install prepatched firmware in factory service mode
  3. use the lv2diag.self [file2] to exit factory service mode

Above is already done if you just downgraded

Dump the flash first, in case you brick on dehashing, you can easily flash this one back to debrick

  1. Install and run QA-toggle and make sure it beeps as written in that readme
    • Note: for above to work, you need a BD drive connected and married to the console (except CECH-25xx and later).
    • Note: to make sure you enabled QA, not accidently disable it, do the button combo (if it shows menu, then console is QA-flagged correct. Remove the QA-toggle package to prevent it from getting QA-flag reset).
      Set your cursor on (not in) Network Settings and press the key combo (all at the same time): L1+L2+L3(press_left_stick)+R1+R2+dpad_down
  2. Make sure no disc is inside BD drive and Poweroff console
  3. Put unpatched official firmware (e.g. 3.55) on USB Mass Storage device as /PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP and insert in PS3
    Note: It has to be a firmware without 'downgrader patches'
  4. Boot into Recovery Menu, select "6. System Update" to reinstall firmware.
  5. If installation finishes without error (there will be no logs you can check!) and boots XMB OK, then dehashing was successful (the really super paranoid people can do step 4 twice to make sure that both ROS are rehashed).
    Congrats, you now finished downgrading and dehashing. Console runs 3.55 and any firmware of choice can be installed, no longer needing to be patched for downgrader.