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Testing Kit DUH-T1000AA - with TEST marking and Kensington-lock

The DUH-T1000xA series (where the "x" denotes to the several Regional & License models) describes the 2nd Nonretail Testing Kit series for the PlayStation 4, where the Hardware is closest to the Retail model (CUH-10xxA series) with whom it shares the same FCC/IC/MIC ID, more so than the Development one (DUH-D1000xA series).

Overview[edit | edit source]

Back from the PS4 Testing Kit Model No.: DUH-T1000AA

Image from the PS4 Testing Kit Model No.: DUH-T1000AA where you can recognize the small "TEST" lettering on the left back side to distinguish it from a retail console

Testing Kit DUH-T1000AA bottom sticker with "TEST" marking

Box shot from the DUH-T1000AA Testing Kit
  • Productcode: 4-476-209-01
  • Known serial number example: 00-27455722 0054028
  • Manufactured: SKZ Kisarazu Japan
  • Small lettering on the back of the console casing "TEST" to distinguish it from a retail console.

Regional/License models[edit | edit source]

DUH-T1000xA where x denotes license region, e.g.

Specifications[edit | edit source]

Model DUH-T1000AA
Measurements (in W x D x H) 305 x 275 x 53 mm (12.0 x 10.8 x 2.1 in)
Weight Approx. 2.8 kg (6.2 lb)
Power Supply 100-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz (maximum rate 250 W)
USB-Port 2x USB 3.0 (Front) (supplied USB cable Part No.: 1-846-919-11)
HDMI-Port 1x HDMI (supplied HDMI cable Part No.: 1-846-918-11)
AUX-Port 1x Aux (for PlayStation 4 Camera)
TOSLINK 1x Digital Output (OPTICAL)
GbLAN 1x LAN (for Debugger???)
Supplied accessoires Several AC power cords for use in Oceania, Europe, UK, USA & Canada included

Unboxing & Review video[edit | edit source]

(Sony Playstation 4: Unboxing Debug-Konsole [deutsch])

PS4 Testkit DUH-T100AA DEX Console (Running on 3.508.041 Non Retail Firmware)