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Wiki editor tactics

This page was created originally as a template, but later was moved and renamed to a general wiki page

Is the first page in PS4 wiki related with linux, by now looks like a worklog and is fine like that, but there are some problems that needs to be solved along time


An index is needed, starting with an resumed "description" of the contents of the page, you can start creating a (temporal) index with something like this:

==Compiling kernel==
===Kernel patches for PS4===
==Other packages==

Page name and page splitting

The page started with a big size, for a worklog is fine (but better use talk pages for worklogs and brainstormings), but eventually i guess should be splitted to other pages, if someone wants to prepare this, please do it calmly and design a good plan before making any change, also try to prepare an "skelleton" of wiki pages to cover other distros, other related wiki pages, etc... the final goal is to add more sections to this template well grouped and using intuitive/explicit names

Page names

The name of this page was changed at the time it was moved, the name is not much explicit and is a bit long, if at some point someone has a suggestion of how to rename/move it ask to an admin, normal users cant rename/move/delete pages