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* --force-point-sampling
* --force-point-sampling
* Project Snowblind US mipmap offset 0019506C  bc1f    loc_19508C
=====Disc patch=====
=====Disc patch=====

Revision as of 23:03, 12 July 2019

Rough draft



  • --gs-kernel-cl="DarkCloud2"
  • --gs-kernel-cl="fantavision"

Special case kernel plugins?

possible speed/comp hacks

  • --detect-idle-vif
  • --detect-idle-ee
  • --detect-idle-iop
  • --detect-idle-intc
  • --detect-idle-chcr

GS handling switches

  • --threaded-gs
  • --gpugs

Reminder (different upscaler modes for gpugs 0x325962)

Sound - SPU2 behavior

  • --spu2-update-deferral
  • --spu2-reverb
  • --spu2-c0-memin-to-bgm
  • --spu2-c1-memin-to-bgm
  • --spu2Trace


  • --force-point-sampling
  • Project Snowblind US mipmap offset 0019506C bc1f loc_19508C
Disc patch
(important! 50% ps2_netemu fixes!)

MechaSetPatch (sector, offset, size) Data?

MECHA_SET_PATCH : sec=%d offset=%d size=%d
MECHA PATCH : sec=%d(%x), ofs=%d(%x) size=%s

IEEE 754



Looks like VU sync always(?), not like ps2.

God of war Patch

So how to define GOW new patched pkg. Do you have the config details yet? As i have changed the status of the game as Playable. Just to update the config file on talk page pls? SalmanKhan (talk) 20:19, 9 July 2019 (UTC)

SalmanKhan You can ask pkg author to share config files he used, or extract/dump them by yourself from ps4 (using game dump payload). Then you can post config files on psdevwiki. So anyone can create pkg using game he own. Files inside pkg that store configs are:

  • config-emu-ps4.txt
  • XXXX-YYYYY_cli.conf
  • XXXX-YYYYY_config.lua
  • XXXX-YYYYY_features.lua

If you need any help with posting extracted config files, feel free to contact me here. I will help you. I'm answering when i can. Posting links to full games, or any copyrighted materials is prohibited on psdevwiki. User:-- kozarovv