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What needs to be done when a new System Firmware gets released?[edit source]

  • Edit Template:Software and add a new System Firmware (don't forget separating multiple System Firmwares with a "  ·  " ({{widedot}})
  • Create this new Page, based on your previous edit from Template:Software
  • Add all necesarry Information like...
    • (Un)Official Changelogs
    • Version (based on version="00.000.000" from Ps4-updatelist.xml - not to be confused with sdk_version="00.000.000")
    • Releasedate (based on "Folder structure" through the Direct Link from Ps4-updatelist.xml or from the Release Date ???)
    • Age (see Releasedate)
    • Size (from image size="1" - it's in Bytes (B) by the way so when it's downloaded, it can be cross-checked from the "Properties" through the Windows-Explorer for Example)
    • Checksums for SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, MD5, MD4, MD2, CRC32, CRC16 (and hmacsha1 ???) using Fsum Frontend (MD5 can be cross-checked both from sys_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and rec_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX based on the direct Link to the Update File)
    • Adding a Link from the US PlayStation Blog regarding the Blogpost about the newest System Firmware (What if there isn't such a Blogpost ???)
    • Making a Backup from the newest Ps4-updatelist.xml on with "HTML / XML" Language and adding it as a comment at the end
    • PS4UPDATE.PUP (Disc) ???
    • download1 = {{updates|}}
      • YEAR_MMSS = Releasedate
      • YYY = sys / rec
      • XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX = MD5 Checksum (letters in lowercase)
  • Edit Ps4-updatelist.xml (look to it that you add the tab stops correctly during wikify)
  • Edit Datecode (use abbreviations (<abbr title="On their servers since Month Day">(0.000.000)</abbr>) when a System Firmware gets on another month released compared to the date when the file is stored on their servers)
  • Edit Internet Browser#User Agents
  • Edit Online Connections#Useragent of applications under "TV & Video"
  • Edit News & News/Archive (don't forget the remove the oldest novelty from the News page since it allows only the 4 latest News - check the "Adding an item" section on the News page for more information)
  • Upload a mirror on MEGA (a registered Account is recommended)

Protip: Wait with the editing when the newest System Firmware is released and don't add something before when there are already rumors about a new System Firmware. The build number can change until final release and so you would be forced to re-direct and re-edit several pages (Example: When there are rumors about the newest System Firmware 9.99, it could be released as 9.990.000 but it could be also released as 9.990.999). When there is an early Beta System Firmware released, there is a high chance that the final version will have a higher build number. Such Beta Versions can also have hidden "UnOfficial Changelogs" and those hidden functions are welcome in such Discussions like at reddit for example (which can be added as a source).