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Below you will find info and links for Official Firmware(OFW), Hardware Tool Firmware(HT) and Testing Tool Firmware(TT).

Firmware Information[edit | edit source]

Firmware Revisions[edit | edit source]

Official Firmwares[edit | edit source]

Version MD5 PSP Go MD5
1.00 (Build 106)
Also known as Bogus Firmware
47398e49360ab021c3ffa42cac3e6f15 N/A N/A
1.00 (UMD, Build 106)
From the UTST99119 UMD
e5ae76816cd69d69dd7fc6c6025cf2de DATA.BIN (PSAR)
2e033c2fae3e214f34c513569e49c023 EBOOT.BIN (updater.prx)
a5b90ade76cbd232c7d94d5e70276e26 PARAM.SFO
1.00 (UMD, Build 196)
From the UTST99122 UMD
124746bff117dcb243c7f11253cd4827 DATA.BIN (PSAR)
bd6da1f7e17a2b39dd3f1c28ba7d22f8 EBOOT.BIN (updater.prx)
6a9bb87b34e5d4dc25ff1cb812589876 PARAM.SFO
1.03 (Build 220)
Also known as 1.00 retail
N/A as EBOOT.PBP (factory preinstalled firmware) N/A N/A
1.03 (Build 221)
Also known as 1.00 retail "Earthquake"
N/A as EBOOT.PBP (factory preinstalled firmware) N/A N/A
1.03 (Build 228)
Also known as 1.00 retail
N/A as EBOOT.PBP (factory preinstalled firmware) N/A N/A
1.50 e32eb27980ba8b291eb803e3397e4b24 N/A N/A
1.51 ad79cbaa4838d9ed2a16f403567a5222 N/A N/A
1.52 b976783070c12c4ed81cc27785222491 N/A N/A
There are two of them with same content
62f6d3d18038f463092e3d6653fae195 (v1, updater build 134)
50c7032754835b588319c1a6c652cdc0 (v2, updater build 139)
2.01 c9629365e58daf4973019c78727f521c N/A N/A
2.50 00df561c8215e42b16661ecde4c57e14 N/A N/A
2.60 a69a022fce43b614a8cb305786f59855 N/A N/A
2.70 aea0541d63cb1d5112284efb1fb833a0 N/A N/A
2.71 d6f3d5dc926c00a8a633361005018813 N/A N/A
2.80 8a0d85b6e2d259a3b5710378d892a1ef N/A N/A
2.81 4726589a847329cb03ac5ffd5096d62e N/A N/A
2.82 65e58702b08898da4f155c8d217e5f41 N/A N/A
3.00 fd90b0c3ffa0fc73cfecae4945ac3c47 N/A N/A
3.01 1dc76eab462c2f9c71aa8536659682f8 N/A N/A
3.02 6a1530e6a1c7ec7bf9f50464d4110e0c N/A N/A
3.03 a1dd70c8e8f12d83d954951d9e0d6838 N/A N/A
3.10 81b8ca8f63db44996f6f5fbf03c5dee1 N/A N/A
3.11 ccd985a6145ecd572aa4a94d483404fa N/A N/A
3.30 842515d85bc1645e3ba2e98533968c62 N/A N/A
3.40 58101e3f6e897725ac55ec1ae3dc07a0 N/A N/A
3.50 b4e70aea4b09e74aacbe2d83b8868f2c N/A N/A
3.51 9593f0783ebb97f0ea0c0ed0ee66dec5 N/A N/A
3.52 9e8da3f26e06b6b04fd31f3fda6069a5 N/A N/A
3.60 N/A as EBOOT.PBP (factory preinstalled firmware) N/A N/A
3.70 6942dccc46cb92161ed1568a784b2ded N/A N/A
3.71 6babee6e1415ae27999928566adbd569 N/A N/A
3.72 05d9fe3c72a263d8a4490a8ec727aad3 N/A N/A
3.73 0c1668bb95c6e92091c743a53b809997 N/A N/A
3.80 923297bb6c6aead603d745e9e724fea0 N/A N/A
3.90 64bae5dd0d0f836baedf915fb106e9cc N/A N/A
There are two of them with same content
af24e8ca2f6b54fd98409dbc2a627157 (v1)
22e4fbbb885825b613cbf0d3bbc52f8f (v2)
3.95 32720ecf54e656c401ffc92d33fe62d9 N/A N/A
3.96 (UMD)
From the UCUS98693 UMD
a31da33257e02534ea83c52ab58c0de0 DATA.BIN (PSAR)
3ba7c80571ba75bbc36d2372fc34c00a EBOOT.BIN (updater.prx)
89dd8bd73cfce55901f3009ba0491d07 PARAM.SFO
4.00 e7b9359c6eaa2af271781bb2f189a569 N/A N/A
4.01 c593abc023aa9b215710df6e263b3fff N/A N/A
4.05 8497dd2b3485e934b073948b558221c3 N/A N/A
4.20 N/A as EBOOT.PBP (factory preinstalled firmware) N/A N/A
4.21 N/A as EBOOT.PBP (factory preinstalled firmware) N/A N/A
5.00 60aa0356d4c66f589b71cfc9abc08713 N/A N/A
5.01 46e66cef9ec8a63eb5af2df0a53e6b57 N/A N/A
5.02 41b80591c6024a278945f1cdd72aa892 N/A N/A
5.03 565c702771472445342a3b8c56578961 N/A N/A
5.05 (UMD)
From the ULJS00167 UMD
29a553f3fcfcc2eb1ae85eaddff229a3 DATA.BIN
5f6c70e471370692f4b38085a9954d80 EBOOT.BIN
cbc99cc3f01e4a606481234091257fc0 PARAM.SFO
5.50 eacd91e92abf817ff4ceaf02258f73a6 N/A N/A
5.51 148d2a024741df54eacabbc79d9f3014 N/A N/A
5.55 (UMD)
From the ULJM05492 UMD
0aaad365161e770c66d9dab0c2d243b1 DATA.BIN
3a83108517430fecf9e69bda5f97c287 EBOOT.BIN
66c189a0c63d960879fa53028f89927a PARAM.SFO
5.70 N/A as EBOOT.PBP (factory preinstalled firmware) 5.70 N/A as EBOOT.PBP (factory FW)
6.00 a734c9829b20d17d7fc7a149d8274a8a N/A N/A
6.10 610d3d9ed39befa9c10ce139df01ebfb 6.10 db20058952ed21287439c1c70b561535
6.20 16d8cacc0cdb00a2a6a8c1b77d7dd136 6.20 ae20575ecff8380214e8c43eef466ca8
6.30 42601ed4266d175b37ff0d3e6d079f3b 6.30 83e93aed9483b508726b81c730b55fbb
6.31 d7ea54162d2d53c5efb46648ee12f6bc 6.31 2a0e2a454e8c16cedceb87d23634ecbd
6.35 5945c21abfa5b1221adda745f9417668 6.35 b1470a9c6733fa4ecd69612af3aff416
6.36 (UMD)
From the ULJM05800 UMD
d155e53ac7e9e2b8ac4f4c261906bab7 DATA.BIN
1633b5f69911e4465d50a809365b8e49 EBOOT.BIN
7b82737f4752669b03ee689d65053f23 PARAM.SFO
6.37 5a21c511c90ed765747c43a9779f7a4b 6.37 d403726b95c3577c33195e491cd8c8a1
6.38 d033298a1de455a5d90e06f91c6802f6 6.38 cc57a2df91914b0cb986e039c3deff9a
6.39 ccce1a0f3ba08e22c26ec5bc047a0063 6.39 116ae536544173dc08ee83aeb9d226fd
6.50 N/A as EBOOT.PBP (factory preinstalled firmware) N/A N/A
6.60 2ca64d59dcf48f45fb99b400a586b395 6.60 d1fe58798b133ea4343b4bb1a25d4426
6.61 6be8878f475ac5b1a499b95ab2f7d301 6.61 fd0f7d0798b4f6e6d32ef95836740527

Hardware Tool Firmwares[edit | edit source]

Version MD5
Example MD5
Example MD5
Example MD5

Testing Tool Firmwares[edit | edit source]

Version MD5
3.72 (TT RevA) 31c9c0605ba2c03e0039d09af1018e69
4.01 (TT RevA) 35cea3bb83783c93453652e089975743
5.00 (TT Revβ) af14264d6b9ce581ee28c199a981aa8c
5.02 (TT RevA) 83fb0611eb055b22972ff66dccfe3ca4
5.50 (TT RevB) e6becd92a41e9bc77655515e97f179d1
5.55 (TT RevA) 368b83847ca27bbf60959f5798a16dda
6.00 (TT RevA) 18135651a87daa991df26384ee84d87e
6.00 (TT RevA)
6.20 -> 6.00 Downgrader(?)
6.00 (TT Revβ) 072e88bb8bbac7ae340a1fd98c25d1fa
6.10 (TT RevA) 9947177ee893403666c8aa82a8d807ff
6.20 (TT RevA) c6a5d0b1d71a3f095c244b8335b4158c
6.30 (TT RevA) d76d30dbf71a698f092efb6f6f3f4018
6.30 (TT Revβ) d671267c043d154ad65299b89bdd6cd4
6.31 (TT RevA) 4c674b1fb9703ac97425750e344920ed
6.35 (TT RevB) c860aa2abb5a30b3c9cd31766dc148f5
6.37 (TT RevA) f6cd202aea31e7723640e804b2940329
6.39 (TT RevA) e32cf7a554893efedaa011cfcfcf0044
6.60 (TT RevA) ec8f909df7cd945c87c4bc73c57b2b3f

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