Installing PSP Tube on PSP

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This Tutorial explains how to install PSP Tube. This was made by "omracer" from QJ forums (The same person who written the tutorial on PSP wiki) There is a bit more detail with the controls on this version since there is more space to type more detail.

If anyone translates this please contact me to say what lanuage you are translating it into. you won't need approval but at least tell me your translating so I can know & give you credit. Use

NOTICE: The mediafire links were uploaded by me using my mediafire account. so if there are any problems with corrupted files in the download. please contact me on QJ.

What You need:

A Copy of PSPTube (One Released in 2008) Arnookie's is the quickest to use but Chronos'es version has google video included. Download either of them from this thread to a place you would recognize. like desktop.

Links to PSP Tube Versions:

Arnookie's PSP Tube:

Chronos'es PSP Tube:

Orginal (But latest Version) 3.xx PSP Tube:

CFW 3.71 M33-3 +

A wireless access point (a.k.a a wireless modem router).

Step 1:

Access youu PSP on your computer. Download any version of PSP Tube from the links above.

Step 2:

Go to where you downloaded PSP Tube then put your copy of PSP Tube in X:/PSP/GAME OR GAME3xx

Step 3:

Go to game in the xmb then memory stick & load psp tube.

Step 4:

If you see a splash screen saying psp tube YOU ARE IN THE 3.xx KERNEL

Else go into recovery mode then configuration then change the kernel to 3.xx

Step 5:

If your WLAN switch is on a select connection screen should appear. If not switch the WLAN switch on & after 10 sceonds the select connection screen should appear.

Step 6:


PSP Tube is now set up on your psp


SELECT = Change Video Hosting Provider in Video Selection (like youtube,Dailymotion,Google video etc)

O = Text input (type what you want to search in here) On Video it stops video & returns to Video Selection.

Triangle = Side Menu (Shows a menu with certain options) On video has changes viewing modes.

X = Plays selected video (after you've Searched for something using O). Pauses Video if playing.

Square = Shows Video Selection while a video is playing. Not used in Video Selection.

< = Plays a video at 0.5X. Not used in Video Selection.

START = Pauses or plays a video. Not used in Video Selection.

> = Plays A video at 2X speed. Not used in Video Selection.

Up = Highlights previous video or option in Video Selection & Menu. Not used while video is playing.

Down = Highlights Next video or option in Video Selection & Menu. Not used while video is playing.