IDU (Kiosk) Vitas

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IDU (In store Demonstration Unit) PSVs, also referred to as "kiosk" models, are Vita's with different (software) features than retail units. They are powered on by simply plugging them into a power source and update themselves to the latest firmware upon booting if an internet connection is available. The update process can be cancelled manually, but if not manually cancelled, the latest firmware will auto install without asking you to accept licensing agreements. These units also boot into "demo" mode, where installed games livearea's will cycle and any video's loaded onto the Vita will be played automatically. A common misconception is that if "demo" mode is exited the Vita will power it's self off after 5 minutes of play. This is true if the Vita is not plugged into a power source and the power button is used to turn the Vita on, however, if the IDU unit is turned on by plugging it into a power source, one can exit "demo" mode and unplug the unit, and it will not power down after 5 minutes.

PS Vita CEX to IDU Utility type 3 is used to Converts Retail to Demo/Kiosk Console on CEX firmware.