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Languages (System)[edit | edit source]

System languages supported and default localised languages for NP network / NP titles (some Countries will have multiple selectable default languages)

Number still image update info Letter Code Localised Language PS4 FW PSVITA FW PS3 FW PSP FW Notes (related to PS Vita)
- icon0.png changeinfo.xml - DEFAULT DEFAULT Yes Yes Yes Yes Required
00 icon0_00.png changeinfo_00.xml ja or jp Japan.png
Japanese Yes Yes Yes Yes
01 icon0_01.png changeinfo_01.xml en-US or en United States.png
English (United States)
English (United States) Yes Yes Yes Yes
02 icon0_02.png changeinfo_02.xml fr France.png
French Yes Yes Yes 1.50+
03 icon0_03.png changeinfo_03.xml es-ES or es Spain.png
Español (España)
Spanish Yes Yes Yes 1.50+
04 icon0_04.png changeinfo_04.xml de Germany.png
German Yes Yes Yes 1.50+
05 icon0_05.png changeinfo_05.xml it Italy.png
Italian Yes Yes Yes 1.50+
06 icon0_06.png changeinfo_06.xml nl Netherlands.png
Dutch Yes Yes Yes 1.50+
07 icon0_07.png changeinfo_07.xml pt-PT or pt Portugal.png
Português (Portugal)
Portuguese Yes Yes Yes 1.50+
08 icon0_08.png changeinfo_08.xml ru Russia.png
Russian Yes Yes Yes 1.50+
09 icon0_09.png changeinfo_09.xml ko South Korea.png
Korean Yes Yes 1.50+ 2.00+
10 icon0_10.png changeinfo_10.xml zh-Hant or zh_t China.png
Chinese (Traditional) Yes Yes 1.60+ 2.70+
  • Taiwan.png Taiwan and Hong Kong.png Hong Kong Chinese (traditional) Input are available too.
11 icon0_11.png changeinfo_11.xml zh-Hans or zh_s China.png
Chinese (Simplified) Yes Yes 1.60+ 2.70+
12 icon0_12.png changeinfo_12.xml fi Finland.png
Finnish Yes Yes 1.60+ No
13 icon0_13.png changeinfo_13.xml sv Sweden.png
Swedish Yes Yes 1.60+ No
14 icon0_14.png changeinfo_14.xml da Denmark.png
Danish Yes Yes 1.60+ No
15 icon0_15.png changeinfo_15.xml no Norway.png
Norwegian Yes Yes 1.60+ No
16 icon0_16.png changeinfo_16.xml pl Poland.png
Polski Yes Yes 3.15+ No
17 icon0_17.png changeinfo_17.xml pt-BR or pt-br Brazil.png
Português (Brasil)
Portuguese (Brazil) Yes Yes 4.00+ No
18 icon0_18.png changeinfo_18.xml en-GB or en-gb United Kingdom.png
English (United Kingdom)
English (United Kingdom) Yes Yes 4.00+ No
19 icon0_19.png changeinfo_19.xml tr Turkey.png
Turkish Yes 2.00+ 4.30+ No
20 icon0_20.png changeinfo_20.xml es-LA Latin America.png
Español (América Latina)
Spanish (Latin America) Yes No No No

Languages (Input)[edit | edit source]

  • USBKeyboard.png Keyboard (internal) / Add terms:

Choose the Language (keyboard) to use for text entry. You can also add frequently used terms to the dictionary. (You cannot add terms for some languages)

You can clear the learning dictionary, which stores the terms you entered on your system. Select [Format] > [Clear Learning Dictionary] > [Clear] to clear the dictionary.

  • Keyboard.png Keyboard (External):

You can adjust settings related to the Bluetooth® keyboard connected to your system.

Type Set the input languages. Full array of languages has been added to the settings (previously the firmware 3.30, Japanese and US English was only available)
入力方式/輸入法 (Input Method) Set the input method for the external keyboard. This option is available only when [Type] is set to [Japanese] or [Chinese - Traditional].
Key Repeat (Delay) You can set the amount of time before a character is repeated when a key is held down on an external keyboard.
Key Repeat (Rate) You can set the speed at which a character is repeated when a key is held down on an external keyboard.

Auto Capitalisation[edit | edit source]

When enabled, the first letter of a sentence will be changed to uppercase when text is entered.

Predictive Text Entry[edit | edit source]

When enabled, the predicted input selections based on the characters entered will be displayed when you enter some text.

iWnn of OMRON SOFTWARE Co., Ltd. is used for conversion methods for Japanese language, and for phrase prediction methods for English and Other language.