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PUP files are update archives for the Vita.

PUP Header[edit | edit source]

A good resource on the PUP header can be found here.

Filename IDs[edit | edit source]

It is a mistake to try to connect a file entry ID to any specific file. A better way of organizing the update contents is through the extracted SCE encrypted file header. Nevertheless, there are certain file entry IDs that have been linked with the same data throughout all observed update packages.

File Entry ID Description
0x100 Version string
0x101 License XML
0x200 psp2swu.self, main updater
0x204 cui_setupper.self, development updater initializer
0x400 Watermark. Same ID for retail PUPs. Different IDs for dev PUPs for each developer.
0x401 Unknown SCEAS magic file
0x2005 CP firmware in early debug updates only
0x2006 CP firmware in debug updates only

Package Headers[edit | edit source]

Most of the files in the update PUP are SCE encrypted. Each component of the update is broken up into multiple parts, then optionally compressed, and finally encrypted into the SCE file. Right after the SCE header (usually offset 0x400) is the update package header that provides information for piecing the component back together. The contents of this header is as follows:

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x4 Version (0x4)
0x4 0x4 Type ID
0x8 0x4 Flags
0xC 0x4 ?
0x10 0x8 Update FW Version
0x18 0x8 Final (decompressed) size
0x20 0x8 Decrypted size
0x28 0x8 ?
0x30 0x4 ?
0x34 0x4 ?
0x38 0xC ?
0x3C 0x4 ?
0x40 0x8 ?
0x48 0x8 ?
0x50 0x8 Offset
0x58 0x8 Size
0x60 0x8 Part Index
0x68 0x8 Total Parts
0x70 0x8 ?
0x78 0x8 ?

Flags[edit | edit source]

There are flags that are set in the package header. Some potential ones are listed here.

Flag Description
0x10 Set when compressed
0x2 Has multiple parts
0x1 Set when compressed

Type ID[edit | edit source]

The type id determines which decryption routine to use in SceSblSsUpdateMgr. There is a truth table to determine which id can be handled by which decryption function. To see how this table is used, check out the example code for decrypting packages.

Type ID Func 1? Func 2? Func 3?
0x0 No No No
0x1 Yes Yes No
0x2 No No No
0x3 No No Yes
0x4 No No Yes
0x5 No No No
0x6 No No No
0x7 No No No
0x8 Yes Yes No
0x9 Yes Yes No
0xA Yes Yes Yes
0xB Yes Yes No
0xC Yes Yes No
0xD Yes Yes No
0xE No No No
0xF Yes Yes No
0x10 Yes Yes No
0x11 Yes Yes No
0x12 Yes Yes No
0x13 Yes Yes No
0x14 Yes Yes No
0x15 Yes Yes Yes
0x16 Yes Yes Yes
0x17 Yes Yes Yes
0x18 Yes Yes No
0x19 Yes Yes No
0x1A No No No
0x1B No No Yes

Type ID (Identifier)[edit | edit source]

The type ID is also used to identify the component of the update.

Type ID Note
0x1 os0 partition
0x4 Permissions related to TAR archives of type 0x16
0x8 Syscon Update (0x9A54 type)
0x9 SLB2 bootloaders
0xA vs0 partition
0xB Development CP firmware (same file as PUP entry 0x2006)
0xC Motion related
0xD Bbmc related
0xF Motion related
0x10 Touch/Syscon related
0x11 Touch related
0x12 Syscon related
0x13 Syscon related
0x14 Syscon Update (0x3665 type)
0x16 TAR archive, patch update for vs0
0x17 sa0 partition
0x18 pd0 partition
0x19 Syscon Update (0xC5E7 type)
0x1B PSP Emulator lists

PUP Update Contents[edit | edit source]

Each PUP contain updates for different partitions of the system. Most packages, once decrypted, decompressed, and pieced together are an raw disk image for the partition to update. Sometimes a TAR archive patch is also used along with the disk images but not as often. Sony usually releases three kinds of update files, each to update different components.

full[edit | edit source]

This contains the actual system files. The main components are os0, vs0, and the bootloader partition.

systemdata[edit | edit source]

Systemdata PUPs only update the sa0 partition. It is likely separated from the main update due to it not regularly needing updates and size concerns.

preinst[edit | edit source]

Preinst PUPs only update the pd0 partition. This is the Welcome Park application and the initial setup movie. It is likely separated from the main update because of the size.

Debug[edit | edit source]

Debug updates for PTEL-XXXX and PDEL-XXXX do not separate into three different PUPs. A single PUP will update all components. Additionally updates for PDEL units contains updates for the CP and probably other development unit specific components.