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Frames layout a5.jpg|a5
Frames layout a5.jpg|a5
Frames layout ad0.jpg|ad0
Frames layout ad0.jpg|ad0
Frames layout ad1.jpg|ad1
Frames layout ad2.jpg|ad2
Frames layout ad2.jpg|ad2
Frames layout ad3.jpg|ad3
Frames layout ad3.jpg|ad3

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template.xml files are stored in sce_sys/livearea/content and are responsible for the livearea's design and functions of a Game/Application. Once a new app has been installed and the bubble is launched for the first time, the xml's content will be partially written in the ur0:shell/db/app.db (tbl_livearea & tbl_livearea_frame)

Sample of a basic xml structure

Source Code

Inside the <livearea>-tag the basic layout will be declared along with some internal version information of the xml.

In the <image>-tag inside the <livearea-background>-tag the background picture will be declared (by default this will be bg0.png and located next to the template.xml itself)

Analog to this the <startup-image>-tag inside the <gate>-tag declares the startup icon. (startup.png by default)

And lastly the string "Hello World!" will be displayed at the position of frame3 depending on the livearea style.




<livearea style="a1" format-ver="01.00" content-rev="1">

Different Layouts for style="":








Depending on the layout style, there will be different numbers of frames available. The positions itself are fix but you can position your liveitems inside them freely.

<frame id="frame3" multi="o" autoflip="0" rev="1">


Liveitems are the actual displayed 'widgets' inside a frame. There can be different versions for different; language settings, time settings, age limits or even device models!

<liveitem default="on">
<liveitem from="2016-07-25T07:00:00.00Z" until="9999-07-25T17:00:00.00Z">


Example for styling options:

<text align="outside-right" ellipsis="off" line-align="left" line-break="on" line-space="3" margin-left="39" margin-top="18" origin="image" pre-br="on"  text-valign="center" valign="bottom" word-scroll="off" word-wrap="on" x="17" >


Example for styling options:

<str bold="on" color="#ffffff" emboss="off" oblique="off" shadow="off" size="22.000000" underline="off">Lorem Ipsum</str>


Example for styling options:

<image align="center" origin="frame" valign="top" width="99" height="99" x="-209">x.png</image>


<background align="center" valign="center" >x.png</background>


Creates a link that can be selected and touched. Can open a website or execute an uri call. Examples:



Example: The liveitem containing this tag will only become active if the Vita's language setting is set to Japanese.


Language Codes: ja, en, fr, es, de, it, nl, pt, ru, ko, ch, zh, fi, sv, da, no, pl, en-gb, pt-br, tr

See Languages page.


The liveitem will become active if the Vita's language setting doesn't match the language code(s). (Multiple declarations possible!)



<age-limit >3</age-limit>


The liveitem will only become active on a Vita.


Advanced tags for System Applications

<title color="#000000ff"/>

Sets the title color for system apps in the top left corner.


Declares additional buttons to the top of the livearea screen.

Frame Example of NPXS10015

Frame settings.png

You can always dump the un-encrypted template.xml of any System application from vs0:app/NPXS1????/sce_sys/livearea/contents/ or any installed game/app from ur0:appmeta/TitleID/livearea/contents/.