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PS4 File Structure on external after backup

SImilair in all ways to ps3 backup exepet there is no index file such as in ps3

/dev_usb0/PS4/Export/YYYYMMDDTTTT_00/archive.dat << This is the starting index might be an encrypted index after index the files might have been added >>

/dev_usb0/PS4/Export/YYYYMMDDTTTT_00/archivexxxx.dat << the rest of your backup will go here untill archvie9999.dat ?>>

YYYYMMDDTTTT_00 << 00 might mean that if a certain amount of data is reached on the backup another volume will be created if > archive9999.dat then YYYYMMMDDTTT_01 >>

File Structure of PS4 Backups have been encrypted with a new header see main topic thus ps3xport wont run