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This category contains templates that are "deprecated" – they have been superseded by another template, often because the new template is more flexible or combines the features of two previously separate templates.

{{Tdeprecated|old template name|new template name|date=September 2023}}

Usage without a date parameter categorises templates into this category. Adding the date parameter categorises the template into the dated subcategory Category:Deprecated templates from September 2023.

If a deprecated template is still in use on other pages, add <noinclude>...</noinclude> tags around the {{Tdeprecated}} template. That way the template page will show the deprecation tag, but pages using it will not. If a template has been fully deprecated and is not in use on other pages, the noinclude tags may be removed. That way a deprecation tag will show on any page using the deprecated template. Afterwards consider nominating the template for deletion.

Note that deprecated stub templates are not normally deleted, as they are used as soft redirects. These should be marked with {{Stubdeprecated}} rather than {{Tdeprecated}}.

This category currently contains no pages or media.