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E3 Nor dump checker[edit | edit source]

This tool is known and proven to give false positives on bad dumps that lead to permabricks.

Use this method: Validating flash dumps to make sure the dumps are in crisp condition.

You cannot recover from bad flash without proper dumps (e.g. bricking the console beyond repair).
note: there are 12½ million bits to permabrick a console

E3 Nor Dump Checker V1.0.exe (521.7 KB)
Article: http://www.ps3hax.net/2011/11/released-e3-nor-dump-checker-v1-0-released-tested/

Quick bulletproof test[edit | edit source]

does not test:

  • bootldr (corrupted binary not detected)
  • metldr (corrupted binary not detected)
  • bootldr size (both under- and oversize not detected)
  • metldr size (both under- and oversize not detected)
  • cISD (didn't catch brick-byte error)
  • cCSD (didn't catch brick-byte error)
  • trvk_prg0 (didn't catch brick-byte error)
  • trvk_prg1 (didn't catch brick-byte error)
  • trvk_pkg0 (didn't catch brick-byte error)
  • trvk_pkg1 (didn't catch brick-byte error)
  • eEID (didn't catch brick-byte error)
  • cvtrm (didn't catch brick-byte error)
  • CELL_EXTNOR_AREA (didn't catch brick-byte error)

partly test:

  • ROS0 (but didn't catch brick-byte error)
  • ROS1 (but didn't catch brick-byte error)

does test:

  • headerprefix ("00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00")
  • header ("00 00 00 00 AC 0F FF E0 00 00 00 00 AD DE EF BE")
  • header ("FI.I")
  • headersuffix "(FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF")
  • filetable ("saceru_eoldare.." etc.)

Conclusion : USELESS, brickdumps will still show as 'valid'.

Recommendation: use Flowrebuilder instead and common sense like mentioned on Hardware flashing page.

Added 22 nov 2011[edit | edit source]

  New E3 flasher update released, it will backup bios 3 times automatically.
  We suggest user verify those bios with E3 Nor dump checker, to assure the backup bios is no erro. 

Conclusion: Anyone with a flasher (should) know that you can dump it 1 to 1000's times the same bad. Comparing CRC/MD5/SHA1 is not any secure way to validate flash (as mentioned on Hardware flashing). Letting the dumper do it x times, only gives endusers/customers a false sense of reassurance, always a bad idea.