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Miralatijera MFW[edit | edit source]

Sometime ago, miralatijera, known developer in elotrolado, brought to the world his CFW. here we list all its features and patches.

Flags[edit | edit source]

Name Notes
toggle_recovery toggles recovery mode
clear_bootparam cleans otheros instalation leftovers
custom_boot_nor boots customboot.self from dev_usb (NOR)
custom_boot_nand boots customboot.self from dev_usb (NAND)
setup_flash_for_otheros self explanatory, should beep when finished
install_otheros self explanatory, should beep when finished
boot_otheros self explanatory
enterfactory enter FSM
load loads custom payload (dev_usb000/payloads/431cex.bin)
active enables qa flag
removeqa disables qa flag
fullramdump self explanatory
bdemu bd emulator
dumpdevflash dumps dev_flash as a raw binary file
dumplv1 dumps lv1
dumplv2 dumps lv2
nordump dumps nor
dumpnandflash dumps nand (with bootldr?)
exitfactory exits FSM
installbdemu permanent bdemu
nosearch to use together with installbdemu, speeds up load times