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This is a good place to document changes made in MFWs 4.x (and their bugs)

Feel free to post/contribute

4.30 CEX checkoff[edit]

Use NOR patches only on NOR consoles, not on NAND!

Target area Patchfile NOR Offset Paste length Remarks
ROS0 ros0 (7 MB) 0x0C0010 0x6FFFE0 CoreOS (4.30 OFW with : lv0, lv1.self, lv2_kernel.self and spu_pkg_rvk_verifier.self patched)
ROS1 ros1 (7 MB) 0x7C0010 0x6FFFE0 CoreOS (SAME as ros0)
trvk_prg0 (0x40000) trvk_prg0 (128 KB) 0x40000 0x20000 Program Revoke
trvk_prg1 (0x60000) trvk_prg0 (128 KB) 0x60000 0x20000 Program Revoke (same as trvk_prg0)
trvk_pkg0 (0x80000) trvk_pkg0 (128 KB) 0x80000 0x20000 Package Revoke
trvk_pkg1 (0xA0000) trvk_pkg0 (128 KB) 0xA0000 0x20000 Package Revoke (same as trvk_pkg0)

Patchset - 430_CEX_checkoff[edit]

(above patches in a single package + autopatcher file: 430_CEX_checkoff.rar)



Patchset - 4.30 CEX v2.03[edit]

DB A5 3B 0A B5 18 1D 97 15 24 61 5B = 3.56+ enforced metldr (non .2)
ROS0: 431.000
ROS1: 430.000

alternate patchset based on 2.03 :


errors after patching (same errors when using 2.03 and the other checkoff) - tested with E3, Rebug 4.30.1, Rogero 4.30 2.03 :

  • Update error 0x8002F2B5 Error with installing Firmware update. The PUP is not recognised as valid update.
  • no usefull update data
  • no update data found

Patchset - 4.30 CEX v2.06[edit]

alternate patchset based on 2.06 : [1] [2]

MD5: 8e4df61243396c46f24b73b3ff5a3785 | SHA1: 8bd2eabbd9f982a75ebaaec4f2a22666f7960fe3

CoreOS (4.30 OFW with : lv0, lv1.self, lv2_kernel.self and spu_pkg_rvk_verifier.self patched)


working (no blackscreen or update errors)

Patchset - 4.40 CEX v1.02[edit]

alternate patchset based on 4.40 1.02 :

MD5: | SHA1: 

CoreOS (4.40 OFW with : lv0, lv1.self, lv2_kernel.self, spu_token_processor.self and spu_pkg_rvk_verifier.self patched)

Note: does same as autopatcher 0.04


Note: patches are in human readable byteorder, not bytereversed like E3. You need to bytereverse the dump first, then patch, and bytereverse again if you have E3.

Should be able to use firmwares with spkg fix, e.g. -