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The discs: "breaker pro" (Disc loader) and "gameshark 4" (Swapdisc/codebreaker) was previously reported as Playable for "ps1 emu" in a old compatibility list

Alphabetical order[edit]

Im not sure who took so many care in reordering the game names alphabetically but good work :). Anyway, now that i added the "sorting" feature to the tables (by clicking in the arrows at the table headers) it can be seen very well if there is some game name incorrectly ordered, the proceure to check it is: 1) reload the whole page, because we want to "reset" all he columns sortings to defaults. 2) click in the arrow at the "name" column 1 time... and see if some of the horizontal rows have moved. If they moved it means there is a game incorrectly ordered. The procedure to fix it is pretty much the same but start by clicking in "edit" in one of the sections, then click in the arrows, if needed reset the sortings again by clicking in "show preview", move some row of the table up/down by copypasting them, reset it again, etc... when the game list is long is needed to repeat it a few times to realize which game is the culprit and where needs to be located. You know... the final goal is that if we reload the page and we click in the "name" arrow the games should stay in his position (it means the order how are written in the page matches with the sorting methods used by wiki software internally)--Sandungas (talk) 12:53, 16 August 2021 (UTC)