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WidgetType[edit source]

See the "paf" VSH Exports, psx-place talk, and paf.hpp

The goal of this table is to replace the unnoficial rcomage names by the official codenames. The official codenames are used in the VSH export functions (in text format) but inside the RCO internal file structure this names in text format doesnt exists, instead of text strings the RCO structure only stores the ID in hexadecimal format based on the RCO TOC entry types
Rcomage uses a file named tagmap.ini intended to convert the ID (hex) value by the name (text string) when is extracting the RCO contents, and back from text to hex when compiling an RCO

A bit of background story... rcomage was made by zinga burga for PSP, at that time he had to figure the names by looking at other related text strings, he used the exact codename only in few of them, and he invented other unnofficial names based on educated guesses, but there are many innacurate names and a few unknowns
At the initial steps of rcomage development zinga burga realized that it was posible to extract the info inside the RCO structure as an XML format (this is something sony made on purpose), but inside the RCO files there is not any XML. This is when zinga burga coined the term "RCOXML Objects" because rcomage is representing the RCO contents in XML format (and this wiki respected the term), but in the names of the VSH export function are named WidgetType, in other words, we could say the table below is a list of Widgets ordered by his Type
At some point kakaroto and geohot updated rcomage source code to add support for PS3 (they had to change the endianess and added definitions for a few RCOXML objects only supported by PS3 that was breaking the output) but maybe there are new objects specific for PS3 over ID 0x081F. Anyway, so far rcomage supports up to ID 0x081F (32 objects)

  • Notes
    • It seems the items (XItem 0x080C, MItem 0x080A, LItem 0x0814, IItem 0x0818) doesnt have VSH exports because are terminal objects located at bottom of the hierarchy (are always the children of a parent "list")
    • The codename "Prim" seems to be inherited from PSX->PSP->PS3 and seems to be a geometric primitive. In the PSX XMB the options availables for it was: type="rect", type="line", type="outline". It seems to be used to draw lines, frames, etc...
NodeType Name paf VSH Exports Notes
RCOmage Official NID Sample
Supported by PSP icon and PS3 icon
0x0800 ObjectTree ? ? ?
0x0801 Page Scene 0x41BBFE5E paf::PhScene::WidgetType(void)
0x0802 Plane Plane 0x10DEDCC7 paf::PhPlane::WidgetType(void)
0x0803 Button Button 0x24A5BD6B paf::PhButton::WidgetType(void)
0x0804 XMenu XmBar 0x703117AD paf::PhXmBar::WidgetType(void)
0x0805 XMList XmList 0x4FF7B8A9 paf::PhXmList::WidgetType(void)
0x0806 XList XmItem ? 0xC84FD77B ? paf::PhXmItem::WidgetType(void) ?
0x0807 Progress Progress 0xE801C345 paf::PhProgress::WidgetType(void)
0x0808 Scroll Scroll 0x009207F4 paf::PhScroll::WidgetType(void)
0x0809 MList MenuList 0xA98865F8 paf::PhMenuList::WidgetType(void) The parent of MenuItem 0x080A
0x080A MItem MenuItem ? ? ? The children of MenuList 0x0809
0x080B ObjUnknown0xB ? ? ? The parent of XItem 0x080C ?
0x080C XItem ? ? ? The children of ObjUnknown0xB 0x080B ?
0x080D Text Text 0xB7DFCE90 paf::PhText::WidgetType(void)
0x080E ModelObject Model ? ? ? This is intended to load a (3D model) .GMO file for the PSP wave
0x080F Spin ItemSpin ? 0x4C36ABBB ? paf::PhItemSpin::WidgetType(void) ? In the VSH exports page is mentioned the codename "PhSpin" but is missing the generic paf::PhSpin::WidgetType(void)
0x0810 Action ? ? ?
0x0811 ItemSpin NumSpin 0x59A11C82 paf::PhNumSpin::WidgetType(void)
0x0812 Group Widget 0x546B3D02 paf::PhWidget::WidgetType(void)
0x0813 LList List 0xD64EDE7C paf::PhList::WidgetType(void) The parent of Item 0x0814
0x0814 LItem Item ? ? ? The children of List 0x0813
0x0815 Edit IPAddr 0x3806365F paf::PhIPAddr::WidgetType(void)
0x0816 Clock Clock 0x545D47A2 paf::PhClock::WidgetType(void)
0x0817 IList InfoList 0xF7630798 paf::PhInfoList::WidgetType(void) The parent of InfoItem 0x0818
0x0818 IItem InfoItem ? ? ? The children of InfoList 0x0817
0x0819 Icon ? ? ? Terminal object, same specific attributes than all the other "items". The difference with standard "items" is "icon" have standard attributes (but the standard "items" doesnt)
0x081A UButton ? ? ? This is an improved version of Button 0x0803
Supported by PS3 icon only
0x081B ObjUnknown0x1B ? ? ?
0x081C CheckBoxGroup CheckBoxList 0x90F4F801 paf::PhCheckBoxList::WidgetType(void) The parent of CheckBox 0x081D
This is an improved version of MenuList 0x0809
0x081D CheckboxItem CheckBox 0xBF66BF2D paf::PhCheckBox::WidgetType(void) The children of CheckBoxList 0x081C
0x081E Meter LevelMeter 0xC88CA4B2 paf::PhLevelMeter::WidgetType(void)
0x081F EditBox LabelText 0xDDD4ACF6 paf::PhLabelText::WidgetType(void) This is an improved version of Text 0x080D
Color legend:
Blue The official codename has been identifyed 100%
Green The name in rcomage matches with the official codename
Orange The name in rcomage doesnt matches with the official codename, but has been identifyed (this are the easy ones)
Red The name in rcomage doesnt matches with the official codename, and is doubtfull which is the correct name
  • Other VSH export candidates:
    • paf::PhLabelPrim::WidgetType(void)
    • paf::PhPlaneDiv::WidgetType(void)
    • paf::PhLabelPrimDiv::PhLabelPrimDiv(paf::PhWidget *, paf::PhAppear *)
    • paf::PhCamera::PhCamera(paf::PhWidget *, paf::PhAppear *)
  • Spins confussion
    • The object 0x0811 (named "ItemSpin" in RCOmage) is officially codenamed "PhNumSpin" (the name was swapped), but the object 0x080F (named "Spin" in RCOmage) has not been identifyed yet, probably is officially codenamed "PhItemSpin". Additionally there is another codename for PhSpin that is a bit confusing by now. Is not clear yet if there are 2 or 3 spin objects
    • The object named Spin by rcomage has been found in official firmware using event names with the word "ispin" (a short form of "ItemSpin"):
      • object2:lftv_page212_group000_ispin000 <--- this is loading another "object" so the name ispin belongs to the other object
      • object2:lftv_page212_group000_ispin001 <--- this is loading another "object" so the name ispin belongs to the other object
    • In the VSH exports page there are 3 exports that returns names related with spins (but one of the returned strings seems to be wrong)
      • const char* paf_4C36ABBB() <-- returns "PhItemSpin" (_ZN3paf10PhItemSpin10WidgetTypeEv)
      • const char* paf_CA9160F6() <-- returns "PhNumSpin" (_ZNK3paf9PhNumSpin13GetWidgetTypeEv)
      • const char* paf_59A11C82() <-- returns "PhNumSpin" (_ZN3paf9PhNumSpin10WidgetTypeEv)
  • Other related VSH exports
    • PAF_Resource_DOMGetNodeID returns the widget name (ie: "page_game_config")
    • PAF_Resource_DOMGetNodeType returns the widget type (ie: 0x801)
    • PAF_Resource_DOMGetNodeData
    • PAF_Resource_DOMGetNodeChildByID
    • PAF_Resource_DOMGetNodeChildByPos
    • PAF_Resource_DOMGetNodeFirstChild
    • PAF_Resource_DOMGetNodeNext
    • PAF_Resource_GetPageNodeByID
    • PAF_Resource_GetWidgetNodeByID
    • PAF_Resource_ResolveRefNode
    • PAF_Resource_ResolveRefString
    • PAF_Resource_ResolveRefWString

Menu lists and menu items associations[edit source]

There are 6 groups of list/item associated with each other that was given consecutive IDs in hexadecimal. The fact that was given consecutive IDs means each group of list/item was implemented at the same time because requires each other (an "item" requires a parent "list", and a "list" without children "items" doesnt makes sense)

  • The "items" doesnt have the 21 standard attributes, only have 3 specific attributes (usually a ref/text/image). This is an easy way to identify them, by the abscense of the standard attributes
  • The "lists" does have the 21 standard attributes, followed by a variable number of specific attributes. All the lists (except 0x0804 and 0x0806) seems to use specific override attributes intended to adjust them dinamically for the different screen resolutions supported by PS3, see: XMB Layouts.
  • The consecutive ID's is a handy way to identify them, it means there is an "item" ID next to each "list" ID (or the other way around, there is a "list" ID next to each "item" ID)
NodeType RCOmage name Displayed as Notes
0x0804 XMenu XMB Main Menu, horizontal list placeholder Main XMB
0x0805 XMList XMB Main Menu, horizontal list item
0x0806 XList XMB Main Menu, vertical list placeholder
NodeType RCOmage name Displayed as Notes
0x0809 MList Context Menu, vertical list placeholder Menu at right side of the screen
enabled by pressing triangle over a game/app icon
0x080A MItem Context Menu, vertical list item
NodeType RCOmage name Displayed as Notes
0x080B ObjUnknown0xB ? 0x080B is the "List"
0x080C is the "Item"
0x080C XItem
NodeType RCOmage name Displayed as Notes
0x0813 LList Editable Menu, horizontal list placeholder Used in network settings
0x0814 LItem Editable Menu, horizontal list item
NodeType RCOmage name Displayed as Notes
0x0817 IList Information Menu, vertical list placeholder Used in audio file info
0x0818 IItem Information Menu, vertical list item
NodeType RCOmage name Displayed as Notes
0x081C CheckboxGroup Checkbox Menu, horizontal list placeholder Used in poweroff screen
0x081D CheckboxItem Checkbox Menu, horizontal list item

ItemsCount or ItemNum attribute from list objects[edit source]

The first specific attribute of the list objects (in other words, the attribute in position 22, located inmediatly after the 21 standard attributes) indicates how many chidren there are in the list. In RCOmage this attribute is named "ItemsCount" but it seems the codename is "ItemNum", this VSH exports are used to change the value dinamically to hide/show the items from a list:

  • paf::PhXmBar::SetItemNum(int) not mentioned in VSH Exports page
  • paf::PhXmList::SetItemNum(int)
    • paf::PhXmList::Redraw(int)
  • paf::PhMenuList::SetItemNum(int) not mentioned in VSH Exports page
  • paf::PhList::SetItemNum(int)
    • paf::PhList::Redraw(void)
  • paf::PhInfoList::SetItemNum(int)
    • paf::PhInfoList::Redraw(void) not mentioned in VSH Exports page
  • paf::PhCheckBoxList::SetItemNum(int) not mentioned in VSH Exports page

Objects with additional override attributes[edit source]

The override attributes are intended to adjust the position and size of the objects dinamically for the different screen resolutions supported by PS3, see: XMB Layouts
Most of the objects definitions starts with the 21 standard attributes that includes 6 overrides (positionOverrideX, positionOverrideY, positionOverrideZ, sizeOverrideX, sizeOverrideY, sizeOverrideZ)
But there are a few objects with additional overrides, all this additional overrides (different than 6 overrides from the standard attributes) are unknown, seems to be related with font sizes, linespaces or stuff that requires an individual visual adjustment

  • List objects
    • MenuList 0x0809 and CheckboxList 0x081C
      • 6 overrides from the standard attributes + 3 specific override atributes (override something size XYZ ?)
    • List 0x0813
      • 6 overrides from the standard attributes + 2 specific override atributes (override something size XY ?)
    • InfoList 0x0817
      • 6 overrides from the standard attributes + 1 specific override atribute (override something size X ?)
  • Text objects
    • Text 0x080D and LabelText 0x081F
      • 6 overrides from the standard attributes + 3 specific override atributes (override something size XYZ ?)
  • Other objects
    • LevelMeter 0x081E
      • 6 overrides from the standard attributes + 1 specific override atribute (override something size X ?)

ObjUnknown0xB[edit source]

The object named ObjUnknown0xB by RCOmage (ID 0x80B) seems to be a list (the parent of ID 0x80C). If this speculation is true it means it should start with the 21 standard attributes, the attribute number 22 should indicate how many children it have (attribute name "ItemsCount" in RCOmage, or "ItemNum" in official code), followed by some unknown attributes (similar than the other list objects), and the last attributes should be events, as example: <Name attribute="event:native:/OnFocusIn"/>

Rcomage unknown object attributes[edit source]

At the time of documenting the RCO format for wiki it was posible to identify some/lot of unknown attributes, in the link there are a few of them listed as dirty notes (later was identifyed some more that are not included in the link). At this point there is no need for that dirty notes because the new names of the identifyed attributes was used in the tables in wiki, the dirty notes are just kept to have a record of the changes, and liked here because are very related with this page (needs to be cleaned up together with this talk page)

Some textures using attribute names[edit source]

The names of some images indicates the attribute names of some RCOXML objects

<Image name="tex_default_text_field" src="Images\tex_default_text_field.png" format="gim" compression="zlib" unknownByte="0" />
<Image name="tex_default_text_focus" src="Images\tex_default_text_focus.png" format="gim" compression="zlib" unknownByte="0" />
<Image name="tex_default_text_field_focus" src="Images\tex_default_text_field_focus.png" format="gim" compression="zlib" unknownByte="0" />
<Image name="tex_default_progress_base" src="Images\tex_default_progress_base.png" format="gim" compression="zlib" unknownByte="0" />
<Image name="tex_default_progress_base_shadow" src="Images\tex_default_progress_base_shadow.png" format="gim" compression="zlib" unknownByte="0" />
<Image name="tex_default_progress_slider" src="Images\tex_default_progress_slider.png" format="gim" compression="zlib" unknownByte="0" />
<Image name="tex_default_scroll_base" src="Images\tex_default_scroll_base.png" format="gim" compression="zlib" unknownByte="0" />
<Image name="tex_default_scroll_base_shadow" src="Images\tex_default_scroll_base_shadow.png" format="gim" compression="zlib" unknownByte="0" />
<Image name="tex_default_scroll_slider" src="Images\tex_default_scroll_slider.png" format="gim" compression="zlib" unknownByte="0" />
<Image name="tex_default_scroll_arrow_up" src="Images\tex_default_scroll_arrow_up.png" format="gim" compression="zlib" unknownByte="0" />
<Image name="tex_default_scroll_arrow_up_shadow" src="Images\tex_default_scroll_arrow_up_shadow.png" format="gim" compression="zlib" unknownByte="0" />
<Image name="tex_default_scroll_arrow_down" src="Images\tex_default_scroll_arrow_down.png" format="gim" compression="zlib" unknownByte="0" />
<Image name="tex_default_scroll_arrow_down_shadow" src="Images\tex_default_scroll_arrow_down_shadow.png" format="gim" compression="zlib" unknownByte="0" />
<Image name="tex_default_spin_arrow_up" src="Images\tex_default_spin_arrow_up.png" format="gim" compression="zlib" unknownByte="0" />
<Image name="tex_default_spin_arrow_up_shadow" src="Images\tex_default_spin_arrow_up_shadow.png" format="gim" compression="zlib" unknownByte="0" />
<Image name="tex_default_spin_arrow_down" src="Images\tex_default_spin_arrow_down.png" format="gim" compression="zlib" unknownByte="0" />
<Image name="tex_default_spin_arrow_down_shadow" src="Images\tex_default_spin_arrow_down_shadow.png" format="gim" compression="zlib" unknownByte="0" />
<Image name="tex_default_check" src="Images\tex_default_check.png" format="gim" compression="zlib" unknownByte="0" />
<Image name="tex_default_check_shadow" src="Images\tex_default_check_shadow.png" format="gim" compression="zlib" unknownByte="0" />
<Image name="tex_default_lvmeter_on" src="Images\tex_default_lvmeter_on.png" format="gim" compression="zlib" unknownByte="0" />
<Image name="tex_default_lvmeter_off" src="Images\tex_default_lvmeter_off.png" format="gim" compression="zlib" unknownByte="0" />
<Image name="tex_default_lvmeter_focus" src="Images\tex_default_lvmeter_focus.png" format="gim" compression="zlib" unknownByte="0" />
<Image name="tex_default_lvmeter_bg" src="Images\tex_default_lvmeter_bg.png" format="gim" compression="zlib" unknownByte="0" />

anchorMode[edit source]

Rcomage has some problems with this attribute from PS3 RCOs, it manages the value as 4 bytes length but in the internal RCO file structure is divided in 2 chunks of 2 bytes each. The anchor mode is specifyed by the first byte of the second chunk, is unknown why sony "reserved" 2 bytes for the first chunk (first chunk is always filled with zeroes). All this is a bit confusing and what im saying could not be completly accurate because the different endianess in between PSP and PS3 and what RCOmage does internally. RCOmage allows to choose a "data type" for every attribute by editing the file objectattribdef-ps3.ini. There is no way to extract the value accuratelly so the alternatives are to set it as "int", or you can set it to "unk" instead, this way it will be managed as raw data (no conversion applyed so you can see the real value when the info is extracted to XML)

  • Examples:
    • Extracted as "int"
      • anchorMode="0x320000"
    • Extracted as "unk"
      • anchorMode="0x3200"

Events notes[edit source]

  • All the attribute event names in rcomage and here in wiki contains the characters On before the event name to indicate that is an event (it helps when you are reading the xml code generated by rcomage), and because some official event strings found in OFW uses it too, but the real codenames of the events doesnt seems to have that On (the real codename is what goes at the right of the "On"). As example: the vsh export paf::PhWidget::HandleFocusInEvent(paf::PhEvent *) is related with the attribute OnFocusIn ...and... paf::PhWidget::HandleFocusOutEvent(paf::PhEvent *) with OnFocusOut
  • OnScrollIn and OnScrollOut are used in the "list" objects, the "In" and "Out" represents to move the cursor one item in the "list". The confusing detail is the "lists" can be horizontal (along X axis) or vertical (along Y axis). So it seems in a horizontal list (such the main XmBar) the "In/Out" are "Right/Left", and in a vertical list the "In/Out" should be "Down/Up" (this is just a theory based on the existence of vsh exports: paf::PhXmBar::ScrollRight(float, paf::PhEvent *) ...and... paf::PhXmBar::ScrollLeft(float, paf::PhEvent *), but has not been verifyed)

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