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New VAIO software link (Active as of 3/25/2020): www server is, directory is /pub/vaio/download/EP0000600291/EP0000600291.exe (The external captcha feature doesn't work!)

Does anyone know how to get this release working on non-VAIO devices? All links appear broken.

Remote Plays uses Gelic device in AP mode :

local reference/backupmirror:

Libraries used for PSP/Remoteplay:

  • Subdisplay (CELL_SUBDISPLAY_)
  • Sysutil Accesspoint (CELL_SYSUTIL_AP_)
  • USB PSP Connection Manager (CELL_USBPSPCM_)


howto video

Remote Play Launcher[edit]

the Remote play Loader link is shown to be a virus in multiple scans. should that be mentioned somewhere... or reassured that it isn't a virus...?

Remote play codecs (experimental table)[edit]

Remote Play Codecs
Remote Play Mode Video Audio +Attribute
Codec Resolution BitRate FrameRate Codec Channels BitRate SamplingRate
PSVita+PSP v1 M4V(480x272) MPEG4 SP 480x272 kbps <=30 ATRAC 2 kbps Hz +1
PSVita+PSP v2 AVC(480x272) MPEG4 AVC 480x272 kbps <=30 AAC 2 kbps 48KHz +5
PSVita 480p(852x480) / PSP compatible AVC(480x272) MPEG4 AVC 852x480 or 480x272 kbps <=30 AAC 2 kbps 48KHz +133
PSVita only 480p(852x480) MPEG4 AVC 852x480 kbps <=30 AAC 2 kbps 48KHz +128
  • Old/obsolete/posibly innacurate (moved from SFO page):
    • Remote play is a feature that displays the PS3 screen on a PSP to enable remote operation over a wireless LAN. There are two PSP Remote Play modes, "v1" is in low quality using MPEG4 SP/ATRAC codecs, and "v2" uses MPEG4 AVC/AAC
    • PSvita Remote Play 480p (852x480)

CAVLC: Context-based adaptive variable-length coding, lower-quality, easier-to-decode option
CABAC: Context-based adaptive binary arithmetic coding, higher-quality, harder-to-decode option

Remote Play Execution Modes[edit]


Remote Keyboard for VAIO laptops[edit]

This utility installs the originally shipped version of the Remote Keyboard with PlayStation3 software.

This utility allows you to establish a Bluetooth® wireless connection between your computer and a PlayStation3 system so you can use the computer keyboard or touchpad to operate a PlayStation3 system.

Read more at:

Has this appliction ever been patched to work on non Vaio computers as well?