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[edit] Template documentation

Usage[edit source]

Use this template to embed stand-alone formulae in wikitext. The mathematical capabilities of this template are very limited; use tables with class="texhtml" for formulae requiring non-linear layout.

Example[edit source]

{{bigmath|{{frac|∂²<VAR >f</VAR >|∂<VAR >r</VAR >²}} + {{frac|∂<VAR >f</VAR >|<VAR >r</VAR > ∂<VAR >r</VAR >}} + {{frac|∂²<VAR >f</VAR >|<VAR >r</VAR >²∂²<VAR >θ</VAR >}} {{=}} 0}} produces:

Template:Frac + Template:Frac + Template:Frac = 0

See also[edit source]

  • {{math}}
  • {{mvar}}
  • {{tmath}} wraps a [[TeX|TeX]] math expression in <math> tags