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121018_0031[edit source]


<uf6668> hi everybody
<uf6668> quick announcement
<uf6668> here's the latest dat: http://www.sendspace.com/file/rwz8jx
<uf6668> this is ONLY for 1.2
<uf6668> if you want to use on 1.1 or 1.0, you will need to make modifications
<uf6668> it enables following:
<uf6668> 1) dual boot using a switch (led on = secondary nand/nor, led off = primary nand/nor)
<uf6668> 2) both solderless nand and nor together
<uf6668> the new structure is not ready yet because I've dev'd it on 250 and I have to fit it into 125
<uf6668> regarding opensource, the api will only be for the new architecture, so only after i fit it into 125

121101_1505[edit source]


121101_1223[edit source]


121106_2121[edit source]


from Progskeet Website:
New release for 1.2, dumping and writing should be much faster now. http://www.progskeet.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=4231

130330_1909[edit source]


  • Increased metastability of USB (should no longer disconnect)
  • Restored Samsung Q compatibility that was caused by dualboot pin allocation
for anyone who has v1.2/v1.21: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/52587949/ProgSkeet_12_130330_1909.dat / http://www.sendspace.com/file/ua6u2o makes it work like a 1.1

130401_1824[edit source]


  • Added timeout for reads/writes (1ms), no more blocking
  • Fixed bug where it would read gpio from data pins rather than from gpio pins

130401_2010[edit source]


  • Reduced timeout from 1.3ms down to 320ns per word
<uf6667> https://dl.dropbox.com/u/52587949/ProgSkeet_12_130401_2010.dat
<uf6667> I made this yesterday Mancer
<uf6667> I introduced a timeout for the "rdy" pin
<uf6667> so that in case rdy never goes high
<uf6667> it will continue anyway

130415_2058[edit source]


130402_1730[edit source]


  • Added metastability to the DQ ports to filter out noise and glitches

130415_2019 (NAND) & 130412_1647 (NOR)[edit source]

130416 / Interim update

130706_1928[edit source]

New Winskeet + Bitstream 1.2

130708_1211[edit source]


  • Added speed indicator
  • HIGHLY improved single word flashing
  • Added hardware data polling
  • Both NAND and NOR are in one bitstream now (!!!)
  • No more pullups needed
  • Reverted to libusb-win32
  • tooltips

130710_1058[edit source]


130713_1838[edit source]


  • buffer write works, about 70 seconds for 16MB spansion (which used to require 15 minutes!)
  • updated bitstream

130715_1749[edit source]


  • buffer write and single word improved, I write an entire 16MB nor, buffer write, in about 40 seconds (not including read and erase, duhhhhhhhhh), 3 seconds per sector for single word (spansion is very fast now too)
  • AUTODETECT OF THE NOR!!!! just click "dump CFI"

130721_0313[edit source]


  • NAND works PERFECT now
  • last bitstream before final release
  • progskeet core was rewritten and command set reimplemented in qt (hence the lack of releases in almost a week)
  • versioning added (it will check if you are using the appropriate bitstream, which is located in /bitstream)
  • use of files to load presets (instead of using the box on the first page)… nand is still in the making, so I left the first box as-is for now
  • CFI for NOR works however, presets include most popular NORs but you can also save them (click “Dump CFI” and then “yes” when you are asked to save. put them in /cfi/)
  • handshakes implemented (goodbye timeouts! might, but doesn’t have to, make it slower though… on the other hand, this might enable calibration for specific computers/chipsets )
  • usb core had a bug where it would just keep writing to fifo regardless of full or not, but this has been fixed
  • SPI flashing added! (will only be available once I release it for every platform though)