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[dubious ]

[edit] Template documentation

Usage[edit source]

Add {{Dubious}} after a specific statement or alleged fact that is dubious, most often uncertainty regarding the source. This template's wording is milder than that of {{Disputed-inline}}, which indicates that the material in question is being disputed.

It is best to simultaneously try to discuss the dubious statement on the talk page. If the statement is already discussed, use {{Dubious|talk page section name}} to refer to a specific talk page section. If not, a talk page section can be created.

This template is not for flagging items that an editor simply thinks might be incorrect or unsourced. This is what {{Citation needed}} is for. It is for sourced statements subject to dispute among editors because of insufficient sourcing, e.g., due to conflicting sources, doubts about a source's reliability, or concerns that source has been misinterpreted. The purposes of this template are:

  • To warn readers that a statement in the article may not be accurate
  • To alert editors that additional sources need to be found, to ascertain the statement's validity

Do not add this template to a page more than a reasonable number of times. Please consider using one of the other templates mentioned below instead.

Parameters[edit source]

  • date: the month and year when the template was added. Like this: {{Dubious|date=September 2023}}.
  • It is also common to use a dummy |reason= parameter to add a little extra explanation.

See also[edit source]

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