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Compatibility counters at date: 2023 July 26  This counters represents how many times each tag was used in this wiki page. A game that was released in 3 regions: PAL-EU, NTSC-U/C, NTSC-J and was reported as playable in the 3 regions counts as 3 units in the playable counter

PS2 Classic = 409   Playable = 1841   Minor Issues = 309   Major Issues = 85   Unplayable = 38

Notes to wiki editors

Timestamps[edit source]

This page is intended to be edited only if the game counters are updated, the timestamp that appears in the counters is the timestamp of the last edit made to this page, loaded by ​{{date|{{REVISIONTIMESTAMP:Template:PS2 Classics Emulator Compatibility List Counter}}|ymd}}​
The point of loading the timestamp this way is because it will be updated automatically, so there is no need to modify that line

If for some reason someone needs to update the page but is not going to update the counters replace that line by an explicit timestamp this way... and eventually (in the next edits) try to restore the line to auto load it

How to count them in a easy way[edit source]

The compatibility lists (an standard type of wiki page) are loading the counters from a template (an special type of wiki page). The compatibility list is going to display the counter template, and the counter template represents how many times are repeated each compatibility tag in the compatibility list page, so are someway synced, but the counter template needs to be updated manually (because we dont know how to create a script/plugin/bot to count them automatically every 24 hours)

  1. Click in the "Edit" link at top of the compatibility list page
  2. Scroll to bottom of the page and clik at any point inside the editor window
  3. Select all (CTRL+A), and copy it (CTRL+C)
  4. Click "Edit" in this page (the counter template) and keep it opened in edition mode (because you will need to type the new counters one by one)
  5. Use a text editor like notepad++ to open a new document, and paste (CTRL+V) the whole compatibility list page you copyed in step 3
  6. In the text editor search (CTRL+F) how many times are repeated: {{ps2classic}}, {{playable}}, {{minorissues}}, {{majorissues}}, {{unplayable}}
  7. Type the new counters one by one in this page (the counters template) that was opened in edition mode from step 4
  8. When all counters are updated save the changes in this page (the counters template)
  9. Reload the compatibility list page from step 3 (without saving any change to it) to see the updated counters (wiki software takes a few seconds)