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PlayStation 3 controller PCB TestPoints

Controller Type Prototype Sixaxis DualShock 3 ASUKA
TestPoints Relocations 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 NO
Board Model PP1 PP4- PP4+ V2 V2.5 VX V3.5X VX3 VX4 VX5 VX6 VX7 VX8 1.06 1.07
Total amount of testpoints 26 26 26 4
USB +5V TP4 ? TP1 TP1 TP1 TP1 TP1 TP1 TP1 TP1 TP1 TP1 UNL T207
USB Data - TP2 TP2 TP2 TP2 TP2 TP2 TP2 TP2 TP2 TP2 TP2 UNL T206
USB Data + TP3 TP3 TP3 TP3 TP3 TP3 TP3 TP3 TP3 TP3 TP3 UNL T205
USB Ground (or Common Ground) 4x GND TP21, TP22, TP23, TP24 TP4, TP5, TP6, TP7 4x GND 4x UNL T509
Battery USB power good ? TP6 ? N/A
Battery charge start ? TP7 ? N/A
Battery charge setpoint pre ? TP9 N/A
Battery charge setpoint post ? TP64 ? N/A
Battery status 1 ? TP8 ? TP8 TP15 TP31 UNL
Battery status 2 ? TP10 ? TP9 TP9 TP32 UNL
2.8V Switched. Power for vibration motors 3.0V ? N/A TP42 TP8 TP25 UNL T501
Bluetooth Module, unknown TP10 TP11 TP26 T504 ?
2.8V Standby. Power for MCU, EEPROM, BT, Dualshock PS button, and 4x LED TP10 TP10 TP62 TP62 TP62 TP51 TP11 TP11 TP10 TP29 T507 T507
2.8V Switched. Power for Accelerometer and Gyroscope TP12 TP12 TP28 UNL T506 T506
2.8V Switched. Power for 4x Stick Left Stick, X axisLeft Stick, Y axis Right Stick, X axis Right Stick, Y axis pots TP13 TP13 TP13 TP27 UNL T505
3.7V Battery + TP5 ? TP14 TP14 TP14 TP30 UNL T508
COM 1. Common Line for Analog D-Pad LEFT Button D-Pad DOWN Button D-Pad RIGHT Button D-Pad UP Button Dualshock L1 button Dualshock L2 button TP21 ? TP17 TP17 TP25 TP25 TP25 TP17 TP17 TP17 TP17 TP14 UNL T101
COM 2. Common Line for Analog Dualshock square button Dualshock cross button Dualshock circle button Dualshock triangle button Dualshock R1 button Dualshock R2 button TP22 ? TP18 TP18 TP26 TP26 TP26 TP18 TP18 TP18 TP18 TP15 UNL T102
COM 3. Common Line for Digital Dualshock L3 button Dualshock select button Dualshock start button Dualshock R3 button TP60 TP60 N/A
Left Stick, X axis LX (Stick Left X axis 0V~2.8V) TP19 ? TP27 ? TP19 ? TP19 ? TP19 ? TP19 ? TP16 ? UNL T103
Left Stick, Y axis LY (Stick Left Y axis 0V~2.8V) TP20 ? TP28 ? TP20 ? TP20 ? TP20 ? TP20 ? TP17 ? UNL T104
Right Stick, X axis RX (Stick Right X axis 0V~2.8V) TP21 ? TP29 ? TP21 ? TP21 ? TP21 ? TP21 ? TP18 ? UNL T105
Right Stick, Y axis RY (Stick Right Y axis 0V~2.8V) TP22 ? TP30 ? TP22 ? TP22 ? TP22 ? TP22 ? TP19 ? UNL T106
Toshiba T6UN6EFG pin 69, unknown TP23 N/A ? TP23 TP23 TP23 TP20
Toshiba T6UN2EFG pin 68 TP24 TP24 TP31 ? TP31 ? TP31 ? TP23 ? N/A
Unknown (Toshiba T6UN6EFG pin 67 ?) TP25 TP25 TP37 ? TP37 ? TP37 ? TP29 ? N/A
Unknown TP36 TP36 TP44 ? TP44 ? TP44 ? TP36 ? N/A
Dualshock PS button PlayStation (Home Button) TP26 TP26 TP32 TP32 TP32 TP24 N/A
Dualshock start button Start TP27 TP27 TP33 TP33 TP33 TP25 N/A
Dualshock R3 button R3 (Right Stick Press button) TP28 TP28 TP34 TP34 TP34 TP26 N/A
Dualshock L3 button L3 (Left Stick Press button) TP29 TP29 TP35 TP35 TP35 TP27 N/A
Dualshock select button Select TP30 TP30 TP36 TP36 TP36 TP28 N/A
Dualshock square button Square TP37 TP37 TP38 TP38 TP38 TP30 N/A
Dualshock cross button Cross TP31 TP31 TP39 TP39 TP39 TP31 N/A
Dualshock circle button Circle TP38 TP38 TP40 TP40 TP40 TP32 N/A
Dualshock triangle button Triangle TP39 TP39 TP41 TP41 TP41 TP33 N/A
Dualshock R1 button R1 TP32 TP32 TP42 TP42 TP42 TP34 N/A
Dualshock R2 button R2 TP33 TP33 TP43 TP43 TP43 TP35 N/A
Dualshock L1 button L1 TP34 TP34 TP45 TP45 TP45 TP37 N/A
Dualshock L2 button L2 TP41 TP41 TP46 TP46 TP46 TP38 N/A
D-Pad LEFT Button Left (D-pad Left) TP35 TP35 TP47 TP47 TP47 TP39 N/A
D-Pad DOWN Button Down (D-pad Down) TP42 TP42 TP48 TP48 TP48 TP40 N/A
D-Pad RIGHT Button Right (D-pad Right) TP43 TP43 TP49 TP49 TP49 TP41 N/A
D-Pad UP Button Up (D-pad Up) TP44 TP44 TP50 TP50 TP50 TP42 N/A
Bluetooth module (SPI unknown 1) S-CL ? CON TP74 TP47 UNL TP23 UNL ?
Bluetooth module (SPI unknown 2) S-CS ? CON TP75 TP48 UNL TP24 UNL ?
Bluetooth module (SPI unknown 3) S-MI ? CON TP76 TP49 UNL TP25 UNL ?
Bluetooth module (SPI unknown 4) S-MO ? CON TP77 TP50 UNL TP26 UNL ?
Accelerometer Y-Axis (raw signal) TP32 TP32 TP8 UNL T302
Accelerometer X-Axis (raw signal) TP33 TP33 TP9 UNL T303
Accelerometer Z-Axis (raw signal) TP34 TP34 TP10 UNL T301
Accelerometer Y-Axis (filtered signal) TP54 ? TP35 TP35 TP11 UNL T305
Accelerometer X-Axis (filtered signal) TP55 ? TP36 TP36 TP12 UNL T306
Accelerometer Z-Axis (filtered signal) TP56 ? TP37 TP37 TP13 UNL T304
Gyroscope (filtered signal) TP40 TP40 TP33
Gyroscope (raw signal) TP26 ? TP41 TP41 TP34
Enable Small motor TP54 N/A N/A
Enable Big motor TP15 N/A N/A

To all wiki contributors.

Below this line are notes that are not going to be included in the pages where is used this template, only affects to the sisaxix PP4 and V2 boards. Are some tespoints i copyed from sowhere and was added here at the time of making this template because i wanted to keep a record of them but was not accurate enought. If at some point someone verifyes them please add them to the table and delete them from here

If eventually someone adds more rows to the table keep in mind that some board models tespoints has been listed completly in the table, this is why there is a row named Total amount of testpoints to verify how many are in the table by counting them. When adding a new row to the table please add a N/A to the boards that was completed

PlayStation 3 controller PCB TestPoints

Usage Proto Sixaxis DualShock 3 Others
PP series V series VX series ASUKA
PP1 PP4 V2 VX 1 V3.5X VX3 VX4 VX5 VX6 VX7 1.06 1.07
Unknown TP15 TP15
Unknown (Toshiba T6UN6EFG, pin 69?) TP23
Unknown TP45
Unknown TP46
Unknown TP47
Unknown (Accelerometer Y-Axis Raw ?) TP52
Unknown (Accelerometer X-Axis Raw ?) TP53
Unknown (Accelerometer Z-Axis Raw ?) TP54
Unknown (Accelerometer Y-Axis filtered ?) TP55
Unknown (Accelerometer X-Axis filtered ?) TP56
Unknown (Accelerometer Z-Axis filtered ?) TP57 TP57
Unknown (gyro?) TP59
Bluetooth module unk_1 (this is not SPI) TP72
Bluetooth module unk_2 (this is not SPI) TP73