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Im thinking in deleting the page 4.22 CEX and removing it from this template. It looks like in the other firmware "families" (DEX and DECR) the numbers "jumps" straight from 4.21 to 4.25, the only exception is (DEX) where there is a 4.23 in between... but the point is none of the others has a 4.22

This makes me wonder why the 4.22 CEX page was created, by looking at the page history i cant imagine it and there is not any hint written in the page that could support the theory that 4.22 CEX existed

Anyway, deleting the page is not going to cause any harm, but keeping it empty and without info as it is now is causing some confussion (to me too)

  • 4.22 is preinstalled on some european super slims. Here is confirmation: http://www.ps3hax.net/showthread.php?t=52073&p=541638&viewfull=1#post541638 Also minver table on SKU page need to be fixed with that info.
    • Thanks i edited the pages i found for the "preinstalled" firmwares from factory for 1.00 CEX, 4.15 CEX, and 4.22 CEX trying to use the same style, also added the link to the Talk:CECH-40xx but i dont want to update the datecodes in the table in SKU_Models#PS3_SuperSlim_.284000_series.29 because im an ignorant about superslims, this wiki never had help for superslims owners this is why there is so many question marks with everything related to them, also that table imo is not good enouoght, i prefer this style i used in the tables i made Talk:SKU_Models where appears all datecodes posibles for each PS3 model associated with the minimal firmware for that datecode, that tables in talk page was intended to replace the ones in frontpage but never happened, one of the reasons is because i never did a table for superslims with that style (and still is imposible to do it nowadays because we are missing too many info, i dont even know the motherboards used by each superslim)