Hardware Flashers:NOR pinout

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Teensy++ 2.0 connection diagram for PS3 NOR pads

Progskeet NAND/NOR flasher board, based on Actel MCU

Progskeet 1.1 NAND/NOR flasher board, with ZIF and dual voltage)

Progskeet 1.2 - back

PNM, based on Altera FPGA and 2x NOR sockets

NOR TSOP56 ZIF 360clip and solderboard

E3 Linker pads

Progskeet wired to NANDs of a COK-002 board, injecting 3.3V with external PSU (photo:mackarry)
NORpin PAD Progskeet 1.0 / 1.1 Progskeet 1.2 Teensy++ 2.0
PNM E3 / E3 Linker NOR56 360clip Remark
31 A0 adr0 P11 F0 A0 A0 FA0
26 A1 adr1 P12 F1 A1 A1 FA1
25 A2 adr2 P13 F2 A2 A2 FA2
24 A3 adr3 P14 F3 A3 A3 FA3
23 A4 adr4 P15 F4 A4 A4 FA4
22 A5 adr5 P16 F5 A5 A5 FA5
21 A6 adr6 P17 F6 A6 A6 FA6
20 A7 adr7 P18 F7 A7 A7 FA7
10 A8 adr8 P19 PA0 A8 A8 FA8
9 A9 adr9 P20 PA1 A9 A9 FA9
8 A10 adr10 P21 PA2 A10 A10 FA10
7 A11 adr11 P22 PA3 A11 A11 FA11
6 A12 adr12 P23 PA4 A12 A12 FA12
5 A13 adr13 P24 PA5 A13 A13 FA13
4 A14 adr14 P25 PA6 A14 A14 FA14
3 A15 adr15 P26 PA7 A15 A15 FA15
54 A16 adr16 P27 B0 A16 A16 FA16
19 A17 adr17 P28 B1 A17 A17 FA17
18 A18 adr18 P29 B2 A18 A18 FA18
11 A19 adr19 P30 B3 A19 A19 FA19
12 A20 adr20 P31 B4 A20 A20 FA20
15 A21 adr21 P32 B5 A21 A21 FA21
1 A23 Not Used Not Used Not Used Not Used Not Used FA23 pin unused for 128mbit and below
56 A24 Not Used Not Used Not Used Not Used Not Used FA24 pin unused for 256mbit and below
2 A22 adr22 P33 B6 A22 A22 FA22
35 DQ0 dq0 P34 D0 DQ0 D0 AD0
37 DQ1 dq1 P35 D1 DQ1 D1 AD1
39 DQ2 dq2 P36 D2 DQ2 D2 AD2
41 DQ3 dq3 P37 D3 DQ3 D3 AD3
44 DQ4 dq4 P38 D4 DQ4 D4 AD4
46 DQ5 dq5 P39 D5 DQ5 D5 AD5
48 DQ6 dq6 P40 D6 DQ6 D6 AD6
50 DQ7 dq7 P41 D7 DQ7 D7 AD7
36 DQ8 dq8 P42 C0 DQ8 D8 AD8
38 DQ9 dq9 P43 C1 DQ9 D9 AD9
40 DQ10 dq10 P44 C2 DQ10 D10 AD10
42 DQ11 dq11 P45 C3 DQ11 D11 AD11
45 DQ12 dq12 P46 C4 DQ12 D12 AD12
47 DQ13 dq13 P47 C5 DQ13 D13 AD13
49 DQ14 dq14 P48 C6 DQ14 D14 AD14
51 DQ15 dq15 P49 C7 DQ15 D15 AD15
13 #WE we P09 E5 NWE NWE WE
32 CE# gp0 P07(p) CE_A / P02(s) CE_B E0 NCE CE to NOR
(SBCE from South Bridge)
16 WP# gp3 P04 Not Used NWPACC Not used WP# Is tied to Vcc by mobo
53 BYTE# Not Used Not used Not used Not used BVCC ? Is tied to Vcc by mobo
34 OE# oe P10 E1 NOE NOE OE
17 RY/BY# rdy (ánd gp4 for old bitstream) P08 E6 RYNBY NWAIT RDY JTAG updated progskeet can do without the progskeet:gp4 to progskeet:rdy bridge and use the PS3:RY/BY# to progskeet:rdy alone.
29, 43 VCC Not Used Not used Not used VCC ?
27, 28, 30, 55 NC Not Used Not Used Not Used Not Used Not Used Not Used pins unused / Not Connected