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Unused PS3 Motherboard Chipset ports: 3x TSIF Digital Video In , Analog Video In , Analog Audio In , 2x Video Out (HDMI,D4,A-DAC) , IEEE1394 Firewire , 1x PATA(IDE) - (alt URL: makes you wonder about the modifications possible :)

Nice list of components of the PS3:

Other nice (german) reference:

Guides / Teardowns :

This page is too long and needs to be condensed somehow. I think it contains too much duplication of information available somewhere else on the wiki. I propose to either remove the redundant parts of this page, or place it in a large sortable list (or separate, categorised lists) as per below:

Component Category Part# Description Datasheet
COK-001 Motherboards 1-871-868-12, 1-871-868-33, 1-871-868-32 Used in CECHAxx & CECHBxx
COK-002 Motherboards 1-873-513-21, 1-873-513-31 Used in CECHCxx & CECHExx
SEM-001 Motherboards 1-875-384-11, 1-875-384-21, 1-875-384-31 Used in CECHGxx
Toshiba SSM3K15FU SSM3K15FU N-Channel MOSFET, 30V, 100mA Datasheet
Accupack Li-Ion LIP1359, US323450 3.7V 570mAh, 2.1Wh, Max Current: 0.4A, Max Charge: 4.2V Datasheet

I would appreciate suggestions/comments on this Admin 20:10, 15 January 2012 (CST)