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Initial Release August 2006
Datecodes 6A - 8B
Regions 02, 03, 04, 08
Colour Piano Black, Chrome Trim
Motherboard COK-002
Flash 256MB NAND
Harddrive 60GB
HDMI CEC no, HDMI 1.3a
OtherOS yes
PS2 Compatibility Software EE
SA-CD yes
WiFi yes
Cell / RSX 90nm, 90nm
Watt / Max / Cum 200w, 380w
USB Ports 4
MultiCardReader Yes

Launch model released to AU, UK, EU & RU that came with 60GB storage. The PS2 Emotion Engine and Rambus components were removed, leaving the Graphics Synthesizer as the last remaining PS2 component. This slightly reduced PS2 playback as it was now partially emulated.

Full list of Features
Harddisk 60GB
Flash 256MB NAND
Release date August 2006
USB Ports 4
PS2 Emulation Software (GS present on motherboard)
SACD Playback Yes
Original OtherOS Support Yes
Card Readers Yes
Wifi Yes
Available Colors Piano Black with Chrome Trim (All Regions)
Regions 02, 03, 04, 08
Cell / RSX Architecture 90nm, 90nm
Watts/Max 200w / 380w
HDMI Version 1.3a