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Pin 1 identification[edit source]

All components whose pins needs to be marked in electronic equipment (because the component has several pins, like any chip/IC or connectors) always has a mark in pin 1... sometimes this mark is not visible because is "printed" under the component itself (so only visible before soldering the component to the board)... this seems to be the case in some of the connectors in PS3 power/eject boards, so the identification of pin 1 can be confusing

As example... HSW-001 board has a "copper point" marked close to the connector... but this point is the ground pin of the capacitor placed below (the blue text in the first photo is wrong because this point is not related with the connector). So there is no way to identify pin1 by looking at HSW-001 board... the solution is to look at the connector in the other side of the ribbon cable (in other words... in the main motherboard)

Non retail Switch boards[edit source]

SW-13, used in COOKIE-13