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CSW-001 Pinout

Pin Name Connected to Description
On Motherboard On Switch board
1 GND GND GND Ground
2 SW_PWM Syscon Mullion, pad N9 Testpad ? FREQ. Intended to send a PWM signal to the switch board ?
3 RMC_IN Syscon Mullion, pad R10
Service Connector (CN4009) pin 17
Testpad ?. NC IR Remote Control (input)
4 POW_SW Syscon Mullion, pad B12 Power Switch PS3 power button
5 EJECT_SW Syscon Mullion, pad A12 Eject Switch PS3 eject button
6 POW_LED Syscon Mullion, pad M7 Green led
7 STBY_LED Syscon Mullion, pad N7 Red led
8 BD_LED BluRay Connector, pin ? Blue led
9 GND GND GND Ground
10 +5V_EVER Power Supply Connector, pins 4/5 ? VCC 5V Standby

How it works[edit]