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XMBoot create PSN Style Package containers (.pkg) for your legally backed up media / games.. https://www.google.co.uk/#q=XMBoot

i found this today, and decided to add link, soz for the untidy page but its a start..

http://www.ps3news.com/PS3-Hacks/smallloader-and-xmboot-create-ps3-xmb-quickboot-containers/ http://www.digitalworldz.co.uk/246385-xmboot-released-allows-creation.html

XMBoot is a stripped down backup app which will allow you to create the equivalent of a 360 QuickBoot container.

This allows you to create a custom entry on your XMB with the original audio/video from your backup with which you can either boot DIRECTLY into your game (if supported), or mount it for launching via XMB.

To load the original XMB video/icon/sound/etc you will need to copy that content out of the /PS3_GAME/ directory of your backup and place it in the subdir of this package prior to compiling.

NOTE: If using the backups original .SFO file you will need to edit it to report itself as HG (Harddisk Game) rather than DG (Disc Game).

if anyone "Jurai2" can add to this please do so.