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product no. of seperate cable: CUHJ-15000

product no. of bundled cable:

Pinout[edit | edit source]

pin signal notes connector
1 TMDS Data2+ type A HDMI receptacle
2 TMDS Data2 Shield
3 TMDS Data2−
4 TMDS Data1+
5 TMDS Data1 Shield
6 TMDS Data1−
7 TMDS Data0+
8 TMDS Data0 Shield
9 TMDS Data0−
10 TMDS Clock+
11 TMDS Clock Shield
12 TMDS Clock−
13 CEC
14 Reserved (HDMI 1.0–1.3c), HEC Data− (Optional, HDMI 1.4+ with Ethernet)
15 SCL (I²C Serial Clock for DDC
16 SDA (I²C Serial Data Line for DDC)
17 DDC/CEC/HEC Ground
18 +5 V (max 50 mA)
19 Hot Plug detect (all versions) and HEC Data+ (optional, HDMI 1.4+ with Ethernet)

Note: Category 2 (High Speed HDMI Cable) is required for 1080p, 4K, 3D and deep color support

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