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Syscon (system controller) and derivates[edit source]

This can be composed by one or more components that has been separated to unload tasks from the system, there are at least 2 confirmed (the classic syscon in all sony consoles, and a "media decoder kind" of controller, but can be more). All can be derivates of the classic ARM syscon

All can be connected in cascade, or share crossed connections, mediacon is connected to network and video output

  • Syscon (system controller)
    • Derivated from PS3 SW3-30x series (or a new SW4 series). See Syscon_Hardware
    • Same functions than PS3
  • Mediacon (media controller)
    • On the fly hardware decoding of most popular media formats
    • Video streaming output to network (other users can watch your screen)
    • Accepts video from network and outputs to TV (you can watch other users screen)
  • Netcon (network controller)
    • Downloads when the PS3 is in standby
    • Paralell network protocols
      • Controller streaming (you can take the controll of the game of other user by streaming your dualshock4 outputs)
      • cross game chat (you can chat with other user independent of the game playing)
      • AV streaming (needed by mediacon functions)
      • permanent connection with social networks, etc...

References[edit source]

Xbox One[edit source]

BD Drive[edit source]

Model DG-5M15-G1B
S/N D9G1BB3038q10020C
P/N: X863470-003
Manufactured: Januari 2013
SW Ver. 05Q7
HW. Ver. 0406
config: D

Power: 5 pin connector

HDD[edit source]

2.5 inch Samsung
part no. C0902-6***

Power: 4 pin connector (5V)

GbLAN[edit source]

Realtek chipset

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Internal parts schematic (speculation)[edit source]

PS4 internal parts squematic
  • Error list:
    • to fill...

unproven fakes/leaks[edit source]