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Xbox One guides/benchmarks[edit source]

PS4 guides/benchmarks[edit source]

Economic contemplation[edit source]

Type €/GB %
3.5" 7200 rpm HDD 0,048 90.6
3.5" 5400 rpm HDD 0,049 92.5
2.5" 5400 rpm HDD 0,053 100
2.5" 7200 rpm HDD 0,061 115.1
3.5" 7200 rpm SSHD 0,071 134
2.5" 5400 rpm SHDD 0,076 143.4
2.5" 1TB SSD 0,358 675.5
2.5" 7200 rpm SSHD NA NA
3.5" 5400 rpm SHDD NA NA
3.5" 1TB SSD NA NA

Incompatible drives[edit source]

Nonhybrids[edit source]

Western Digital 1TB HD + 120GB SSD[edit source]

In early 2013 the Western Digital Black-II WD1001x06xdtl looked promising, as a SSHD with 1TB of platter storage and 120GB of NAND SSD storage, but as the review in november 2013 shows, it is not a hybrid drive, does not transparently combine both platter and SSD to a single addressable storage over SATA (the primairy storage is the SSD, it needs reinitialisation for accessing the 1TB platter storage, as such it is not recommended for non Windows systems including MAC and ps4/ps3) and in fact the overal performance is not even rememberable: /

This drive will not work since the PS4 will not boot properly and it displays a error message that the Operating System needs a Harddrive with 160 GB of free space at least - and it seems that this Harddrive would be totally insufficient even when the SSD part, which it seems that the PS4 has access for it, would have 160 GB or even more of free space. The PS4 is not able to access the 1 TB of space from the HDD part, so you would not have any space advantage. Even if it would have access to both parts, how it can manage both parts when it needs to create 15 Partitions for running properly (15 Partitions distributed on the SSD and HDD together)? It's a similar situation when you want to run this Harddrive on a normal Computer before you installed a operating System. Windows Operating Systems NT 6.0 and higher (thus not BSD, MacOSX, Linux, DOS, CP/M, AmigaOS, OS/2 etc.) detects the HDD part first and you can use the SSD part only after installing closed source Windows drivers.).

Western Digital 4TB HD + 128GB SSD[edit source]

Western Digital showed another model, but since it uses SATAe (PCIe 2.0 x2 over SATA Express connector) it is not compatible. Also, the drive consists of a 128GB SSD along with a 4TB hard drive and thus is not a true hybrid SSHD.