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Are you sure this is Sony (produced) and not 3rd party? I have it also listed as Venom Chat Headset, eg. [1], with a PS3 version also [2] / besides Project Sustain Euss

Well I found also one from Rocketfish: - Seems that there are region differences.
Think it's not produced by Sony but I thought it was 1st party because it's official licensed together with this SLEH-code.
I made also a photo where you can see the packshot together with the Official Licensed Product and the ps4 logo, but if this is 3rd party, then sorry for the inconveniences.
I think Sony just likes to play with our heads, while those 'officially licenced' products go from hand to hand under many brands, just cheaper - and sold for 25 or more when slapped a Sony logo on it. Euss
Ok, then sorry. I thought I saw it today in our store, but not in the wiki and this Packshot tricked me then:
Again sorry and we should move the Project Sustain Chat Headset from the Peripherals Template to 3rd party. User:Roxanne
No problem, if there is a Sony package to be found for it (Blue themed like Vertical Stand, Charging Station I'll recommend reconsidering it as first party again :) Euss
There is a blue one from Rocketfish but there is also only this licensed product logo. Think 1st party is only when there is also a SONY logo (maybe together with the playstation lettering). User:Roxanne