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Soldering Irons/Stations[edit]

WES-51 alternatives[edit]

Weller WS51 analoog Best.-Nr.: 811808 - 62
German shops:

Stereo Microscopes[edit]

Things to look for:

  • Good solid mounting
  • More overhang to reach large boards
  • Ring macrolight
  • optional: T2 or otherwise adaptor for cameras

Tip: also available used

Torx / Security Bits[edit]

Note: Wenger 16999 Swiss Army Knife Giant can be used too, with seperate torx/security bits


Used to isolate hardware parts that will be installed permanently internally (is the same tape used in pc laptops to isolate wifi/bt cards and ram modules). This tape resist up to 300º without deformation or burning, and is made of 100% non-conductive materials... the tape is cheap but be aware because there are lot of fakes, always reads the comments of other buyers or buy in a reputable shop