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_lp.Pkg <==== not sure why this is here but leaving it here

Background[edit | edit source]

Trophy files are encrypted on the PS4 by default and mounted by the console each time a game boots

Trophy files get mounted to /mnt/pfs/trophy/{UserId}/data/{NpComId}

Trophy Locations[edit | edit source]

Trophy files are saved in the following location

/user/home/{UserId}/trophy/data/ <=== This Directory contains all trophies for all games on the console with the NPComId (e.g. NPWR04914_00)

Inside each of these directories are the following files

  • sealedkey <==== Sealed Key of each trophy file
  • trophy.img <=== The sealed file signed with the sealed key

There is also a SQLite DB that contains all information regarding trophies


Un-encrypted trophies can also be found on the ps4 in the following locations

/user/trophy/conf/ <=== these Directories seem completely useless but it does have some stuff to play with