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Messageboard[edit source]

put your user to user message in this section :)


CelesteBlue to Euss:

Your "User talk:Euss" pages contains content that does not respect one of the PS4 dev wiki rules: "We do not allow [...] info unrelated to PlayStation 4 or PlayStation family in general." Content that does not respect this rule is for instance: components and softwares unrelated to PS4 or PlayStation devices for instance network components, speed tests, 4K micro-consoles, todo lists aged more than 5 years - up to 7 years - (advice: move them to your agenda), unclassified content in "sandbox" for more than 4 years, etc...

If you don't edit your pages's content accordingly to this rule, the content will be removed in exactly one month, on May 21st 2021.

Moreover some of your "User talk" pages has outdated content (6 years) that was added on the associated page in wiki, thus duplicate pages will be removed.



Could you please upload a large amount of PS4 flash dumps for my new validator. Also, could you please assist with updating PS3 validator by providing outputs and or md5's of ros0/ros1 section.

Thank you,

-BwE (19/6/18)

firmwares[edit source]

found all recovery firmwares. Can you put it all in one mega accaunt? - 08:11, 27 July 2014‎ User:Rei

mind you the 1.00 mentioned is 1.500.000 or newer judging by date... my upload speed atm is 7~32 KBps - Euss (talk)

Capcha[edit source]

Changed the capcha to limit the userspam, will keep an eye on it. - Admin (talk) 19:33, 18 February 2014 (EST)

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