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CnMemory[edit | edit source]

Upgrade Kit for PlayStation 4[edit | edit source]



  • A SSHD from Seagate with 1 TB capacity (Model: ST1000LM014 ? - according from the same transparent promotional photograph without any hidden Model Number but with the same serial number (which wouldn't be profitable compared to the same Harddrive available in particular between 80,- EUR and 85,- EUR)
  • A USB Stick with 8 GB capacity (USB 2.0 only which should be a disadvantage (and not a "Upgrade") because the PlayStation 4 supports USB 3.0 - available separately for around 6,- EUR)

Some speed improvements over the original (see:Harddrive) with this plain SSHD hybrid (in pricewatch seperately for 80 euro SSHD and 4 euro 8GB USB-Stick respectively - while CnMemory sells this Upgrade Kit between 115,- EUR and 149,- EUR through several retailers).