Soldering Tips/Guides

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Soldering Guide(s)[edit | edit source]

How to solder a wire to a pin Desolder / Solder 54 PIN RAM Chip with a hot air/gas gun and a vacuum handling tool

Soldering tips[edit | edit source]

  • Don't use >40W iron (we are not soldering copper pipes!)
  • Don't use leadfree solder (232'C @ SnSb)
  • Don't use silverbased solder
  • Don't use high tin alloy (e.g. 90/10: 300'C @ 97Sn 3Pb and 250'C @ 65Sn 35Pb)
  • Use 60/40 (374'F / 190'C) or 63/37 (364'F / 183'C) both have nice low melting point for PCBs

large list of solder alloys and meltingpoints: