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Main Firmware[edit | edit source]

Running on ARM Cortex M4

Revision Ids[edit | edit source]

0x0CE6 => ModelType.BOND, 
0x0CE7 => ModelType.ASTON, 
0x0D5A => ModelType.LOTUS,

Versions[edit | edit source]

 May 19 2020 02:04:33
 Jul 15 2020 01:59:27
 May 28 2021 09:04:07
 Dec 16 2021 05:15:19
 May 18 2022 09:22:22

Internals[edit | edit source]

BDM-010[edit | edit source]


  • pictures courtesy of wonder Mike

BDM-010 (R10) (speculated engineering sample)[edit | edit source]

PCB photo

Dualsense Prototype Motherboard.png

Equivalent of MT8516


Seems to be nearly identical to regular BDM-010 but with a Mediatek MT3616ECT SoC. No more information available for this SoC anywhere but the silkscreen layout highly resembles the one shown in the FCC filing of AK8CFIZCT1.

Prototype[edit | edit source]

Dualsense prototype front.png
Dualsense prototype back.png
Dualsense prototype side.png
Dualsense prototype back view.png
Dualsense Prototype Left.png
Dualsense prototype right.png

USB Reverse Engineering[edit | edit source]

HID Input Values
Byte Function
0x0 ?
0x1 Left Joy X-Axis
0x2 Left Joy Y-Axis
0x3 Right Joy X-Axis
0x4 Right Joy Y-Axis