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Guides/examples on how the installer works for every Custom Firmware.

Installing 1.50 Custom Firmware - The Proof of Concept[edit | edit source]

The 1.50 CF POC developed by Dark_Alex is a Phat-only custom firmware, and it must be on firmware 1.50. Unflashing this firmware does NOT fix bricks. In that case, you will have to either run a recovery from the recovery menu, or use Pandora.


  • Phat PSP
  • Version 1.50
  • 1.50 POC files; Download: [1]


  • Extract the 'PSP' folder.
  • Activate USB Mode, and move the 'PSP' folder to the root of your memory stick, and click yes to all.
  • When done, execute the '1.50 Custom of Firmware Proof of Concept Installer' from GAME > MemoryStick. The installer will quickly extract, and flash files to your flash0. When the PSP reboots, you won't notice anything different. However, the custom firmware part will be installed. Recovery menu will be available, as well as the available settings available from /PSP/SYSTEM/config.txt.

Installing 2.71 Special Edition[edit | edit source]

2.71 SE has 4 versions. 2.71 SE-A, SE-B, SE-B2 and SE-C. However, SE-A, SE-B, and SE-C are the only major releases. 2.71 SE can only be installed on a Phat PSP since the 1.50 kernel is needed to run the installer, and the flasher. 2.71 SE-C can be installed directly from any firmware 2.71 SE-B and below. However, SE-B2 can only installed from SE-B.


  • Phat PSP
  • Version 1.50/1.50 POC
  • 2.71 SE files; Download: SE-A SE-BSE-C
  • 1.50 update file; Download: [2]
  • 2.71 update file; Download: [3]


  • You will have to move the 'contents' of the MS_ROOT folder to the root of your memory stick overwriting all of the old files. (It might be under 'NEW INSTALL' folder depending on download)
  • You will then need to download 2 of Sony's official updates. Download the 1.50 and 2.71 updates. Extract, and rename each to '150.PBP', and '271.PBP' respectively. Move both to /PSP/GAME/seupdatemaker.
  • From there, launch the '2.71 Update Maker'. (Which bears the default icon) DO NOT launch the firmware installer. When you launch the update maker, it will extract both firmwares, pack them together, and run a SHA1 hash check. If this SHA1 is correct, you will get the green text confirming that it is correct, and everything is well. However, if anything is corrupted, there won't be any green text. If this happens, you MUST download the 1.50, and 2.71 updates again and transfer them over. (Or you can encounter a brick while flashing).
  • If all went well, you can go ahead, and perform the next steps. Head back to the XMB, and activate USB Mode. When your drive is mounted, move to /PSP/GAME/seupdatemaker. You will see a newly created file ranging from 17-18MB named 'DATA.DXAR'. Move that file from /PSP/GAME/seupdater to /PSP/GAME/271seflasher. When done, you can delete the /PSP/GAME/seupdatemaker and /PSP/GAME/seupdatermaker% folders. There will be no need for them anymore.
  • When done, disable USB Mode, and execute the '2.71 Update Flasher'. Once done, it's simply a matter of reading. You will have to press X to begin the install. The flasher will try its best to get through flashing. When done, your PSP will shutdown, or you will have to do it manually. When you shutdown, reboot normally. If you have successfully installed 2.71 SE, you will boot to the XMB. If not, it might be a full brick. Whatever happens, fix your mistakes, and errors and try again.

Additional Information

If you download an update that has a folder called 'flasher for recovery' within the download, you can install that, but it is optional. This allows you to recover back to 1.50, in case of semi-bricks. Simply move the contents of the 'flasher for recovery' folder to /PSP/GAME. From there, download the 1.50 UPDATE, extract, and rename it to 'UPDATE.PBP', and move to /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY. To launch this, you have to launch via the recovery menu.

Another optional install, is Devhook. If you use Devhook, just move the contents of the 'devhook for 271' folder to the root, and overwrite old files.

Installing a revision[edit | edit source]

There are only 4 revisions to the firmware. You can install SE-C from previous SE firmwares, install SE-B from SE-A, and SE-B2 from SE-B.

Install to SE-B

SE-B can be installed from SE-A. Within the SE-B download, move the contents of 'SEB_UPDATE' folder to the root of the memory stick, if in 2.71 SE-A. If in 1.50 follow instructions for SE-A and then put the SEB_UPDATE in the root. Overwrite the old files. From there, just execute from the XMB as any other homebrew. However, you must launch the update under the 2.71 kernel.

Install to SE-B2/B'

SE-B2/B' can only be installed from SE-B. Just move the 'PSP' folder from the download to the root, and overwrite old files. Launch from the XMB when done.

Install to SE-B3/B"

SE-B3/B" can only be installed from SE-B2/B'.Just move the 'PSP'folder from the download to the root, and overwrite old files. Launch from XMB when done.

Install to SE-C

SE-C must be installed from a fresh flash0, so all of your flash0 stuff will be deleted with the upgrade. Install remains the same as 2.71 SE-A. So its a new fresh full install. It is possible to upgrade directly from 1.50 to 2.71 SE-C.

Cleanup[edit | edit source]

  • When all is done, you will have definitely lost around 50MB of space due to all the firmware updates taking space. However, you can solve this easily. In USB Mode, just delete the following directories.

'seupdatemaker', and 'seupdatermaker%' from PSP/GAME, '271seflasher', and '271seflasher%' from /PSP/GAME.

  • If you want to avoid the process of making the .DXAR file again, you want to save it. From '271seflasher' folder, save the 'DATA.DXAR'. When reflashing the firmware, just move the 'DATA.DXAR' file back to '271seflasher' folder and execute from the XMB.

Installing Open Edition Firmware[edit | edit source]

Installing any OE firmware remains the same process as 2.71 SE installation. However, the corresponding firmwares have to be downloaded and renamed accordingly. In Addition, the folder names have changed. ('seupdatemaker' to 'oeupdatemaker', and '271seflasher' to '3xxoeflasher' 3.40 OE-A is the last OE firmware, and it is the most stable OE firmware. All of these custom firmwares are only available for Phats. All Revision A's of each OE firmware can be installed from any other custom firmware.

OE Firmwares[edit | edit source]

3.02 - 3.02 OE-A and 3.02 OE-B

3.03 - 3.03 OE-A and 3.03 OE-A' and 3.03 OE-B and 3.03 OE-C

3.10 - 3.10 OE-A and 3.10 OE-A'

3.30 - 3.30 OE

3.40 - 3.40 OE-A

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Installation[edit | edit source]

  • As stated twice before, upgrading to any OE firmware remains the same as upgrading to 2.71 SE.
  • When you download the an OE firmare download, move all the folders ('oeupdatemaker', 'oeupdatermaker%', '3xxoeflasher', and '3xxoeflasher%') to /PSP/GAME.
  • Then, download the 1.50, and your OE firmare's update files. Extract, and rename them each to '150.PBP', and '3xx.PBP' respectively, and move to /PSP/GAME/oeupdatemaker. xx standing for the OE file you intend to install. For example if you want to install 3.03 OE . You would rename it to 303.PBP.
  • When done, execute the update maker, and let it runs it course. Like SE, it will extract, pack, and run a SHA1 hash check on the .DXAR file. Green text indicates everything is good. *When done, go back to the XMB, and activate USB Mode. Go to /PSP/GAME/oeupdatermaker, and move the 'DATA.DXAR' folder to /PSP/GAME/3xxoeflasher.
  • When done, just execute the firmware install from the XMB. The installer will boot, and run it checks. You have to press X to install. When done, the PSP will either shut off or ask for a manual reboot. Do what it says, and reboot. When you reboot, you should be on 3.XX OE. After this you could install a Rev. B or even C of your firmware to improve it and if there is one. After 3.40-A there are no further OE firmwares. You can however, upgrade to the M33 firmwares.

Note: If you upgrade to 3.40 OE, it is advised that you backup all memory stick content. There is an unfixed bug that corrupts savedata, and other things while upgrading. If you want to avoid losing all of your data, back it up.

Installing Revisions[edit | edit source]

Only something like Rev. A' will need you to already be on that OE firmware. For example you will aready need to be on 3.03 OE-A to install 3.03 OE-A'. If you need to install a rev. B or rev. C, this can be done directly from any other Custom Firmware

3.02 OE-B - Revision included in installation

3.03 OE-C - Revision included in installation

3.10 OE-A - 3.10 OE-A' [4]

3.30 OE - No Revisions

3.40 OE-A - No more Revisions

Installing M33 Firmware[edit | edit source]

M33 Firmware Updates[edit | edit source]

Here are the latest updates for M33 firmwares.

3.51 M33 - 3.51 M33-7 + WLAN Fix

3.52 M33 - 3.52 M33-4

3.60 M33 - Release

3.71 M33 - 3.71 M33-4 w/ 1.50 addon for Phats

3.80 M33 - 3.80 M33-5 w/ 1.50 addon for Phats

3.90 M33 - 3.90 M33-2 w/ 1.50 addon for Phats

Installing 3.51 M33/3.52 M33[edit | edit source]


  • Phat PSP
  • Version 1.50 or any CFW below 3.51 M33
  • 3.51 M33/3.52 M33 Files; Download:3.51 M33 3.52 M33
  • 3.51/3.52 Update file; Download: 3.51 3.52
  • 1.50 Update File; Download: [5]

Installation[edit | edit source]

  • The install process is similar to SE/OE. However, this process only remains on 3.51 and 3.52 M33. First Download 3.51 M33/3.52 M33 files, depending which one you want to install.
  • On 1.50, you must kxploit-patch your firmware. To do this, extract the contents of the '150 only' folder to /PSP/GAME. Execute the 'Kxploit Permanent Patcher' from the XMB. When you patch your system, the M33CREATOR will appear, and be able to launch.
  • Move the 'M33CREATOR' folder to /PSP/GAME. *From there, you will have to download the 3.51 or 3.52, and 1.50 updates. (Depending on custom firmware) When done, extract and rename them to '351.PBP or '352.PBP', and '150.PBP' respectively, depending on which one you want to install to.
  • Then move the two files to /PSP/GAME/M33CREATOR. From there, launch the M33CREATOR from the XMB. When it launches, it will compile the firmware for you.
  • When it is done, you will be booted into the XMB. Go back to GAME>MemoryStick. You will see a new app called '35XM33UPDATE'. Launch that. From there, install normally like any other SE/OE firmware.
  • When done, press X to shutdown your PSP, and reboot normally.

Installing a revision[edit | edit source]

There are lots of revisions for M33 firmwares. Unlike previous custom firmwares, you can upgrade switch to the latest revisions. All of the updates have the previous updates added on so you won't miss a thing from previous updates, and it will definitely save you time. But you first you will need to install the release of the M33 Firmware then the latest revision of it.

To install a revision like 3.52 M33 to 3.52 M33-4, move the update folder to /PSP/GAME150. From there, just launch from the XMB, and update.


3.51 M33 - 3.51 M33-7 [6]

3.52 M33 - 3.52 M33-4 [7]

Big Note: You must agree with the 'license.txt' file before you upgrade. If you are installing any 3.52 M33 revision, do not get it off and update, you will get a brick. DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT upgrade. Get 3.52 M33 revision from a trusted source such as

Installing 3.60 M33[edit | edit source]


  • Slim PSP on 3.60 or CFW
  • Phat homebrew capable PSP on 1.50 or on CFW
  • JigKick Battery
  • 256MB MS PRO DUO
  • 3.60 M33 files; Download: [8]
  • Pandora GUI 1.5; Download: [9]

Installation[edit | edit source]

  • Install Pandora GUI on your computer and run it and follow the instructions on the phat PSP.
  • If successful, plug both MS and JigKick Battery in the Slim and press X
  • Let it run while it flashes everything.
  • Press X to reboot
  • If done successful you will be on 3.60 M33


Installing 3.71 M33+[edit | edit source]

Since 3.71 M33, the first CFW for both Slim and phat, installation has been a lot easier.


Installation[edit | edit source]

  • Installation is much simpler than SE, OE and early M33 Firmwares. Simply download either the 3.71 M33 files,or any other files higher than it, you want to install.
  • Then Download the same update file with it; so if you downloaded 3.71 M33, download the 3.71 update file named 371.PBP.
  • Place the update file in PSP/GAME, and copy the update file in it.
  • Run the installer, don't worry if it looks like the official one.
  • Press X when done to reboot, if successful it will boot up.

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

Note: For Phat PSP's only. These firmwares cannot be installed from 1.50/2.71 SE/LE firmwares/OE Firmwares or 3.51 M33. You need to be on at least 3.52 M33-3 to install these. If on 1.50/2.71 SE/OE Firmwares or 3.51 M33, simply upgrade to 3.52 M33 then install the 3rd revision; then install 3.71 M33 or higher. If on HX firmware it is perfectly safe to upgrade to 3.80 M33/3.90 M33.

Note: For Slim PSP's only. First you will have to install 3.60 M33 using a different Pandora set to install 3.71 M33 or higher.

You can use Despertar del Cementerio which installs 3.71 M33/3.80 M33 from any firmware, regardless of PSP, firmware version, region, motherboard, etc.

Since firmware 3.80 M33, it is possible to upgrade directly via Network update accessed by WiFi. To do this, navigate trough the XMB to the Settings Menu, then select the Network Update. You must ensure that this option is enabled in recovery first.

Installing a revision[edit | edit source]

You need to be on the same firmware than the revision to install it.

3.71 M33 or any of its revisions in order to install 3.71 M33-2 or higher 3.80 M33 or any of its revisions in order to install 3.80 M33-2 or higher It is strongly recommended to install the last revision to fix any critical bugs, and features. All Revisions have previous revisions in them so you need not to worry.

3.71 M33 - 3.71 M33-4 [10]

3.80 M33 - 3.80 M33-5 [11]

3.90 M33 - 3.90 M33-2 [12]

Note: 3.90 M33-2 can be directly installed from any firmware 3.52 M33-3 or higher. (Meaning that you don't have to be on 3.90 M33 to install) Just place the '390.PBP' file in the 'UPDATE' folder, and launch the update. While loading, hold L + Triangle until the screen says 'Verifying 390.PBP'. When it does, let go and update normally. If you already are on 3.90 M33, just install normally without the '390.PBP' file.

Installing 1.50 Kernel addon[edit | edit source]


Installation[edit | edit source]

  • Since 3.71 M33, it has been an option if you want to install the 1.50 kernel, as some people prefer not to. So this has to be done seperately.
  • Download any 1.50 addon corresponding to the firmware you have got and copy the folder '1.50k_addon' to PSP/GAME150.
  • Download the 1.50 Update file named 150.PBP and put it in the root of your MS.
  • Go on the XMB and press X.
  • It will flash it automatically, and you will have the 1.50 kernel addon.

Note: This is only for Phat PSP's.(PSP-100x's)only. Do not try it on the slim.

  • All V2's of 1.50k addons have the previous updates in them so don't worry, just donwload the latest one.

Installing 3.71 Fatmsmod[edit | edit source]


  • Phat/Slim PSP
  • Version 3.80 M33/3.90 M33
  • M33 PSARDumper; Download: [14]
  • 3.71 Fatmsmod Patch; Download: V2
  • 3.71 Update file; Download: [15]

Installation[edit | edit source]

  • Since 3.80, Sony has heavily optimized the fatmsmod.prx file. Due to this, slow-downs with memory sticks and their Sony NP9660 has been reported. However, this patch flashes the same file from 3.71, where no problems have been reported. First, download the 3.71 Fatmsmod Patch files.
  • Download the 3.71 Update file and rename it to EBOOT.PBP, (if not already named so) and place it in the root of your MS.
  • Download M33 PSARDumper.
  • Put both the Fatmsmod and M33 PSARDumper in PSP/GAME.
  • Run M33 PSARdumper on the XMB. Press [] to fully decrypt and dump the 3.71 files.
  • Afterwards, access the 'F0' folder at the root of your MS. Navigate to the 'kd' folder within the 'F0' folder, and located the file 'fatmsmod.prx'. Move that file to the root of your MS.
  • Run 3.71 Fatmsmod on the XMB, press X.
  • If done successfully, the patch will be installed, and you should see improvements with your MS.

Note: Version 2 has the release already in it so don't worry. Note: If you cannot access your photo, music, or videos from the XMB, re-apply the patch with version 2. Warning: Ensure that the file you dump is either fully decrypted or encrypted with no signchecks. If you use a signchecked version with this patch, you will semi-brick your PSP. If you are not sure, follow the steps above.

Installing HX Firmware[edit | edit source]


The HX-series firmwares follow the same instructions as 3.71 M33+. These had been made for people eager to upgrade to the latest firmare customed, because DA did not make these.

Installation[edit | edit source]

  • First, download the HX files, depending on which one you want. Extract.
  • Move the 'UPDATE' folder to /PSP/GAME, overwriting old files. If you downloaded 3.72 HX-2, and you are on 3.71 M33, use the full updater, if on 3.72 HX-1 use the lite updater.
  • From there, download the 3.72/3.73 Update File (Depending on which HX file you downloaded, eg. if you dowloaded 3.73 HX download 3.73 Update File named 373.PBP)
  • Move the update file to /PSP/GAME/UPDATE. If you are on 3.71 M33 and want to install the 1.50 Kernel with 3.72 HX-1, then download the 1.50 kernel for 3.71 M33 first; For more information click here
  • Then, launch the installer from the XMB.
  • The installer will then do some checks. When done, it will tell you to press X to start the update.
  • Wait a while. When the screen lights up again, the Sony updater will be present. All you need to do is just update as you would normally. At the end of each update, You MUST press X/0 to reboot, or you will brick your system.

Installing a revision[edit | edit source]

There are two updates for 3.72 HX. HX-1, and HX-2. However, like M33 firmwares, HX-2 will install past upgrades. However, HX-2 is released with a lite updater, and a full updater. Whichever one you choose, move the 'EBOOT.PBP' to /PSP/GAME/UPDATE, and execute from the XMB. If on 3.72 HX-1 use lite updater, if one 3.71 M33, use full updater.

  • 3.72 HX-2; Download: [16]

Installing 1.50 Kernel addon[edit | edit source]


How to Install the 1.50 Kernel Addon on 3.72 HX-1[edit | edit source]

  • You must have installed the firmware 3.71 M33 with the 3.71 kernel addon. If not downgrade using Despertar del Cementerio V3.
  • Download the 1.50 kernel addon file for 3.72 HX-1 and open MS_ROOT. Then copy the PSP folder to the root of your memory stick.
  • Run the app, and press Square. Now the program will start to dump the addon. The dump is on ms0:/psp/game/update/km. Copy the km folder to your hd.
  • Install 3.72 HX-1. Later copy again the PSP folder that contain this app to the root of your memory stick.
  • Connect the USB (Flash0) and copy the backup done before in the root of the flash0. Run de app again and press X. It will copy the reboot150.prx and all will be done!

Note: This is only; for 3.72 HX-1 not 3.72 HX-2.

Taken from QJ

How to Install the 1.50 Kernel Addon on 3.73 HX-1[edit | edit source]

  • Installing the 1.50 kernel addon is the same as 3.71 M33 and much easier than 3.72 HX.
  • Download the 3.73 HX kernel addon and copy the contents of MS_ROOT in the root of your MS, let it overwrite.
  • Download the 1.50 Update file named 150.PBP and put it in the root of your MS.
  • Go on the XMB and press X.
  • It will flash it automatically, and you will have the 1.50 kernel addon.

Note: This is only for Phat PSP's.(PSP-100x's)only. Do not try it on the slim.