Installing Gameboots

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A mini of how to install Custom Gameboots.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

  • Any PSP (Phat or Slim)
  • CFW or 1.50
  • USB data cable
  • Custom Gameboot; Downloads from here
  • Flash0 Unhider; Download: Flash0 Unlocker.

Installation[edit | edit source]

  • Download a Custom Gameboot, from a website
  • Go into the Recovery Menu by holding R at startup
  • Go into 'Advanced Settings' and go on 'Toggle Flash0'
  • A pop-up may come and press view files on the computer. Then if they are less than 5/6 files in the root of Flash0 you will have to unhide some. If you have all 5/6 folders you're in luck.
  • To unhide, download Flash0 Unlocker, and copy the .BAT file into the root of your memory stick and run it. Press enter and it should have unhided the missing files. You can then delete the .BAT file.
  • Then make a folder on the computer named anything. Eg. 'Gameboot Backup'. Copy and paste the original gameboot.pmf, incase you want the normal gameboot back or something goes wrong.
  • Then go into VSH, and then into 'Resource' and copy and paste your gameboot named 'gameboot.pmf' and let it overwrite the official Sony one.
  • Done

Gameboot Unbranding[edit | edit source]

Another gameboot with the PSP logo unbranded The 'PSP Logo' that displays during gameboot playback is controlled by another file within the flash. The 'opening_plugin.rco' controls this, and the file must be hexed in order to take off the branding. However, with most themes, this is already done. Unbranding the file can be considerably dangerous since the 'opening_plugin.rco' file controls the gameboot, and coldboot of the PSP. Improper procedures can lead to semi-bricks, or full bricks if damage reaches that extent.

Troubleshoot[edit | edit source]

When you have installed a custom gameboot which is completely different from the official one like EA Sports, the PSP sign may still be there overwriting that EA Sports logo. To fix this problem download this