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This is to help people who are not very familiar with editing on Mediawiki and is also a guide to help me remember certain things that are useful when editing.

Redirecting[edit | edit source]

Sometimes you will need to redirect, for instance we have an article called Custom Firmware(CFW) which is the main article, but we also had CFW, so we added the redirect in CFW, to make it point to Custom Firmware(CFW), if you click on either link, they should direct to the same place.

Never redirect an article which contains information, only redirect an article that is completely blank.

#REDIRECT [[pagename]]  <--- The command, where it says pagename, enter the name of the page that you want to be redirected to, for instance, i went into the blank page CFW and entered
#REDIRECT [[CFW]], saved it then that was it set up, you can find more info here

Images[edit | edit source]

To post images, you need to look at the left hand side of your screen, under the tools section you will see "Upload file", click on it and follow the instructions.
You can also view this page for more details -

Embedding Video[edit | edit source]

Sometimes videos are a great way of showing something.

<embedvideo> - Tag Hook[edit | edit source]

Videos can easily be embedded with the <embedvideo></embedvideo> tag hook. The ID/URL goes as the input between the tags and parameters can be added as the tag arguments.

<embedvideo service="youtube"></embedvideo>

Alternativly, you can also use the service id as the tag (assuming another extension isn't already using this tag).


As of version 2.x, EmbedVideo supports embedding video content from the following services:

Site Service Name(s) ID Example URL Example(s) Videos archiveorg electricsheep-flock-244-80000-6
Bambuser bambuser - Broadcasts bambuser_channel - Channels 5262334
Beam beam - Streams RocketBear
Bing bing 31ncp9r7l blip - Blip requires the full URL to the video page and does not accept the raw ID.
C3TV mediacccde 32c3-7305-quantum_cryptography
CollegeHumor collegehumor 6875289
Dailymotion dailymotion x1adiiw_archer-waking-up-as-h-jon-benjamin_shortfilms
Daum TVPot tvpot - Obtain the URL or ID from the share menu URL. s9011HdLzYwpLwBodQzCHRB
Div Share divshare
Edutopia Edutopia content moved to YouTube. Please use the youtube service selector below.
FunnyOrDie funnyordie c61fb67ac9
Hitbox hitbox Washuu
JW Player jwplayer cr5d8nbu-8ZpoNmmJ
Kickstarter kickstarter elanlee/exploding-kittens
Metacafe metacafe 11404579
Nico Nico Video nico sm24394325
RuTube rutube b698163ccb67498db74d50cb0f22e556
SoundCloud soundcloud use full url
TeacherTube teachertube 370511
TED Talks ted bruce_aylward_humanity_vs_ebola_the_winning_strategies_in_a_terrifying_war
Tubi TV tubitv 318409
Tudou tudou mfQXfumwiew
Twitch twitch - Live Streams twitchvod - Archived Videos on Demand twitchplayspokemon
Videomaten videomaten
Vimeo vimeo 105035718
Vine vine h2B7WMtuX2t
Yahoo Screen yahoo katy-perry-dances-sharks-2015-024409668
YouTube youtube - Single Videos youtubeplaylist - Playlists pSsYTj9kCHE
Youku youku XODc3NDgzMTY4

Customise Sidebar[edit | edit source]

The sidebar can provide great information and be of help for visitors, it can also be a great help for visitors, you can read more info here

Quote[edit | edit source]

{{Quote box |quote = bla bla bla bla bla bla <br /> |source = '' '''Source''' - . }} More Info