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The Neoflash Coding Contest is a bi-annual contest held during the Spring and Summer of every year. The contest originally started with the Nintendo DS system, but it has expanded to the GBA system, and then the PSP system. The contest started in 2005, and it has followed every year since.

Rules[edit | edit source]

The rules created for the contests are shared among all the three divisions (systems).

  • All original entries will get +5 "original score " , but the second entry (same project from last contest but improved, and just enter one more time again ) will don't get any "original score" in this contest.
  • From this contest we try to use a new judge way --- everyone can become the judger! You just need test all contest entering and submit your very detailed test report to us , if can come with your top 10 winner judgment will be best.

We will set a new award --- "NEO Professional Reviewer Award" from this contest, we will check all review reports and choose top 3 from NDS division and top 3 from PSP division too, so will have 6 top "NEO Professional Reviewer" will get our prize.

  • The result of public contest projects poll just use for judger refer, but it'll not affect the project score again.
  • The No.1 winner from last Neo contest can't use their same project (even it has updated a lot) to enter this contest again.
  • You can enter the PSP/NDS/GBA's GAME contest and APP contest at the same time, without any limit.
  • You must put the splash screen of "NEO Spring coding contest 2008" to your production.
  • If your production have enter other contest before, you can enter this NEO contest still.
  • If your project can support NEO Motion function, then you will get +5 "Motion Score".
  • You don't need public your source code, but if you can PM to us for refer will be welcome.

2008 Prizes[edit | edit source]

The top 10 prize list for NDS(GBA) and PSP contest,4 divisions are same:

The No.1  : US$300 cash , OR choose anyone item from the final NEO product prize list.

The No.2  : US$200 cash , OR choose anyone item from the final NEO product prize list.

The No.3  : US$100 cash , OR choose anyone item from the final NEO product prize list.

The No.4 ~ No.10 : can choose anyone item from the final NEO product prize list.

The top 12 NEO Professional Reviewers (6 from NDS/GBA division and 6 from PSP division) can choose any item from the final NEO product prize list too.

Entries[edit | edit source]

There are 38 entries total for both the PSP Division of the Neoflash contest.

PSP Apps Division[edit | edit source]

pspSecretary - ab5000
QuickView - slicer4ever
Faintless Maker - sora101
PSP-Maps - Royale
PSParticlePlayer - MK2k

PSP Games Division[edit | edit source]

POLYGUNWARS - ahrimanes
Shooter - Slasher
Box Destroyer - walar
X-pired 1.22 PSP R1 - MK2k
Blob Volleyball - Slasher
Newton Powered - mr_haricot
1945 The War Is Now - GEFA
iPong - Tanos

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