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PSAR means PlayStation ARchive. It's encrypted and used to store various data, e.g. game images (PS1/PSP) or firmware files (UPDATE).

Update PSAR[edit | edit source]

It's possible to decrypt and unpack these PSARs using pspdecrypt.

Header structure[edit | edit source]

Offset Type Description
0x00 char[4] Signature, always {'P', 'S', 'A', 'R'}
0x04 uint32 Version, known values are from 1 to 5
0x08 uint32 File size without header (-16 bytes)
0x0C uint32 Unknown, always 1 (may be encryption tag?)

PSAR versions[edit | edit source]

Version Firmware Notes
1 1.00 Less encrypted
2 1.50-1.52 For 1.50 and later, they mangled the plaintext parts of the header
3 2.00-6.61 Latest version for normal updates
4 <all known> Only used for JIG unbrick cards
5 6.10-6.61 Was found in the PSP Go updates